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  1. The Mk1 Cortina OC sells them if you are a member.
  2. There's an early GT one on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK1-GT-Main-Wiering-Loom-NEW-GENUINE-1963-1964/352646905413
  3. Thanks Tony - need 2 of tese - managed to buy a pair off Ebay tonight if all goes as expected. Thanks for the offer anyway.
  4. I need a couple of the door catch striker plates with the captive nuts that sit behind the B pillar please.
  5. Anyone broken a Mk1 & kept the wiring that feeds the interior light & courtesy A pillar switched from a Mk1?
  6. Lotuscops

    Rear bumper

    Chrome or stainless?
  7. I need a pair of plastic end caps for the Mk1 parcel shelf to reproduce by a company in Australia - they want to borrow a pair & pay a holding fee subject to return plus a free pair will be given.
  8. Lotuscops

    Lotus Collage.jpg

    It's still going strong Mick.
  9. I need a C Pillar plastic box for the MK1 aeroflow please if anyone has one. Nearside only.
  10. Wanted excellent condition stainless strips for roof gutters - Mk1 2 door or estate car.
  11. This is the one from GT / Lotus 66 :-
  12. That's kind of you Mike but Rob sold me a pair last week - I should have said. Thanks for the offer all the same.
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