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  1. The Mk1 Cortina OC sells them if you are a member.
  2. There's an early GT one on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK1-GT-Main-Wiering-Loom-NEW-GENUINE-1963-1964/352646905413
  3. Thanks Tony - need 2 of tese - managed to buy a pair off Ebay tonight if all goes as expected. Thanks for the offer anyway.
  4. I need a couple of the door catch striker plates with the captive nuts that sit behind the B pillar please.
  5. Anyone broken a Mk1 & kept the wiring that feeds the interior light & courtesy A pillar switched from a Mk1?
  6. Lotuscops

    Rear bumper

    Chrome or stainless?
  7. I need a pair of plastic end caps for the Mk1 parcel shelf to reproduce by a company in Australia - they want to borrow a pair & pay a holding fee subject to return plus a free pair will be given.
  8. Lotuscops

    Lotus Collage.jpg

    It's still going strong Mick.
  9. I need a C Pillar plastic box for the MK1 aeroflow please if anyone has one. Nearside only.
  10. Wanted excellent condition stainless strips for roof gutters - Mk1 2 door or estate car.
  11. This is the one from GT / Lotus 66 :-
  12. That's kind of you Mike but Rob sold me a pair last week - I should have said. Thanks for the offer all the same.
  13. Yes I have some of those but have 1 out of the 3 locating tabs missing but it makes no odds once the clear lens is in place. LINKY
  14. Yes I have one you could have. PM me your details. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132932083938
  15. If anyone has a mint condition fascia for the aeroflow heater controls please let me know as I need one for a concours restoration.
  16. Out of interest, how much would you think they should sell for? I think the later banded types are more common & therefore cheaper.
  17. It's all down to supply & demand - check out the exchange costs & then factor in the original useless ones people buy on Ebay. You'll see it stacks up.
  18. Lotus Cortina Mk1 early servo with wire clip FULLY RECONDITIONED for sale outright not exchange , call Nick on 07850 212421 (Essex). £600 OVNO.
  19. Wanted pair of C pillar covers with or without grilles for 65 Mk1.
  20. Lotuscops

    Mk1 Petrol Tank

    Repro or genuine?
  21. No they are about the same diameter & petrol flows fine with the push on types.
  22. Spray gun paint filters do the job.
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