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  1. https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227?page=2&pageSize=60 https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227/lot-details/913fe195-ec24-41f0-84f2-aad50101dff2 https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227/lot-details/dfb05a16-3872-4845-bbe1-aad50101dc52 https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227/lot-details/219ab19f-ed46-4a29-8fe0-aad50101de2a https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227/lot-details/d9f83ad0-0e80-4742-8f4b-aae4015898f4
  2. I would be interested if its still available to make more progress my Mk2 4 door....
  3. Thats extremely helpful, thanks for the info, I have agreed to purchase one now
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pair-Lights-Rear-Hella-Ford-Cortina-Rear-Lights/133142022198 Founds these in Italy, may help someone
  5. Mk1 Cortina rear lamp bezel wanted View Advert Mk1 Cortina rear lamp bezel Advertiser cortinasuper1500 Date 09/08/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted
  6. 1966 Mk1 Cortina RHD 4 door drivers locking door handle View Advert 1966 Mk1 Cortina RHD 4 door locking drivers door handle wanted Advertiser cortinasuper1500 Date 09/08/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted
  7. X-FLOW SUMP View Advert A mate looking for a x-flow sump, any version as there is no x member to get in the way Advertiser cortinasuper1500 Date 09/04/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted
  8. I would not have time to fit the whole loom, but I would be happy to assist with the installation and ensure everything works correctly. I'm only a few miles away and have a vehicle wiring loom history.
  9. I am in need of a good condition Anti roll bar... Anyone have one near to Chelmsford, Essex?
  10. Call AT Speed in Rayleigh Essex, they supplied one for my 105e, starts on the button and drives really well....
  11. Dismantles Cortinas and Capris, works from Ashingdon near Souythend on sea Essex
  12. Give Kevin a call, I was there last weekend he had a couple of looms in a box - dont know what model they are from 07876 215453
  13. Morning Is the carb/manifolds still for sale? Ian
  14. Just bought myself another Tina,


    An F Reg Mk2, 4 door rolling starts and runs poorly, clutch pedal stuck, trim,brightwork and doors removed....


    Have taken the cutting disc to anything that looked like tin worm and preparing for the welding...


    I have a parts request, Front seats in Black - base model, rear door card.. forgotten which door, Bonnet, RH head lamp surround, parcel shelf, there will be more



    Pics and progress to follow



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