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  1. Dismantles Cortinas and Capris, works from Ashingdon near Souythend on sea Essex
  2. Give Kevin a call, I was there last weekend he had a couple of looms in a box - dont know what model they are from 07876 215453
  3. Morning Is the carb/manifolds still for sale? Ian
  4. Just bought myself another Tina,


    An F Reg Mk2, 4 door rolling starts and runs poorly, clutch pedal stuck, trim,brightwork and doors removed....


    Have taken the cutting disc to anything that looked like tin worm and preparing for the welding...


    I have a parts request, Front seats in Black - base model, rear door card.. forgotten which door, Bonnet, RH head lamp surround, parcel shelf, there will be more



    Pics and progress to follow



  5. Looking for a flex plate , would consider purchasing standard engine and Auto box complete Ian
  6. Looking for an un-pitted chrome arrow, part number E 251 - PD - 1 Ian
  7. Looking for a few single choke 1500 carbs for pre xflows Ian
  8. I'm looking for a cross flow 6 bolt flex plate with ring gear / converter and would consider a spare auto box.
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