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  1. Hi mate is the Type 9 still available? Does it come with bellhousing? Do you have any pics you can send? danielmclennan@live.co.uk Thanks Dan
  2. Hi mate, i'm in doncaster. I do have some pictures but struggling to upload them on here. If you want some, drop me a text with your email address and i will send some across. Thanks Dan
  3. Hi everyone, I have the following for sale. They were originally intended for a kit car but the car never got built. I'm guessing they have sat in storage for the last 20 years. Everything is in good condition. Surface rust as you would expect but nothing a wire brush and paint wouldn't sort out. 1. Ford Cortina Mk3 steering column with steering wheel - £100 2. Ford Cortina Mk3 front assembly with drive shafts, hubs, springs and shocks, brakes and calipers and wheels and tyres. - £300 3. Ford Cortina Mk3 rear diff - £150 4. Ford Cortina Mk3 prop shaft - £100 5. Full rear assembly (excluding diff) including hubs, rear dampers and springs, wheels and tyres, and drum brakes. - £200 6. 4 speed ford gearbox, good condition with integral bell housing. - £150 7. Ford Cortina Pedal Box (this has been wire brushed and painted black. Comes with original rubber pedal covers - £75 8. Brake servo and master cylinder. Very good condition with mounting brackets. - Again the master cylinder has been cleaned up and painted black - £100 If you would like pictures of anything or would like to view the items that's fine, just drop me an email at danielmclennan@live.co.uk or text me on 07825 045 339. Cheers everyone thanks dan
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