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  1. I'm not familiar with that engine, is that like a MX5 1800 engine ?
  2. I've been to visit the body shop today , to see how my Cortina is coming along.
  3. I took the behind dash loom apart and replaced the big fat brown wires and a couple of earth's, that had burnt out, and checked all the others for shorting, then rewrapped it ready to put back in. The bulkhead plugs were melted be here the fat brown wires, passed through , so I've just bypassed the connector for that wire, and will connect separately.🤔
  4. Here's a pic of the stone guard. Anyone got any ideas to the original colour, is this original colour, or were they black , or silver , any gurus know the answer 🤔
  5. I found an export sump guard , Darran at Escortec was selling one on eBay. Does anyone know the correct colour for these, it looks like it's original colour beige primer. Is that correct ?
  6. In the end I didn't use the original pedal box, and used a bias adjustable box. I think I have one I made , that was a copy of a Lotus cable one. Finding it may be a problem, but its stored in a box of bits I didn't use, that I'm slowly selling, when I come across them
  7. Ammeters are a very bad thing. A bonfire waiting to happen. Much better off with a volt meter. Your problem is most likely a bad earth on the battery to chassis connection, and the earth finding its way to earth though other wires.
  8. Pedal assembly is the same, only the accelerator pedal is different, and you can easily modify that.
  9. My Mk2 Lefty, has had a burn out on the Fat brown wire, though out the loom , with some of the earths burnt also, and the fat brown shorting to other wires , giving weird problems. that is one of my next jobs , to strip and repair the loom. The wires have to return to earth to complete the circuit. You need to disconnect the suspect wire at both ends, and then check continuity with earth. and other wires if you suspect its burnt into any others.
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