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  1. I've got some for sale on Ebay at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324300057081 All good, used on the road until last year , dry stored since, new wheel bearing one side. Complete with pipes and hoses.
  2. Yes, the Capri one is what I used , but you do need to weld on a bracket to locate it to the steering box, and I mounted a tube with a bracket though the bulkhead to support the lower end. The top bracket doesn't need to be welded just needs to be clamped ,to support the upper end.
  3. 1 X LHD steering box, was on the car , and I drove it with it, and it was ok. £150 1 X RHD Steering box, I have never used this one. £150 Pick up BN27 4hg east Sussex, Or Organise a courier Thanks Johnny
  4. I'm selling the original gearbox from my MK 1 Cortina 1965 deluxe. It's in good working order, not whines and good synchros, no crunches. On here before eBay. £150 pick up from BN 27 4hg East Sussex, Or use Shipley courier's to collect for you. I'll have a lot of other unused or replaced part for sale , now I have completed my Cortina build. I'll post up here first , if not sold on to eBay. Thanks Johnny
  5. Not a full set, but may be of use to someone. FREE.
  6. Well the flip side is , if that's what you can ask for a second hand tank, I can sell my old one for £100
  7. Oh well, bite the bullet 🙄
  8. Thanks for that Keith, I hadn't seen that one. Perhaps it's just me , but that seems expensive for a second hand one. Or am I out of touch with what things are worth ?
  9. Can anyone help with a tank, I'm still looking , Thanks
  10. Hi Bernard, I think Its best to have both lock mechanisms, and both lever and rod parts. That way I can change the lot. If your ok with selling all of it ? Thanks Johnny
  11. Well I don't know really , i need whatever allows it to lock, if it's the linkage, I just need that. I just guessed it was in the lock mechanism. But I don't know 🤔 Perhaps I just need the 2 linkages that connects to the lock mechanism , and that's the locking problem solved. What do you think ?
  12. Hi Bernard, This is a picture of the n/s one . The problem I have, it that as I have changed from LHD to RHD, I now don't have internal locking on the n/s door, which would have been the driver's door. So it only locked with the outside handle. So I need a n/s RHD lock assembly, to give internal locking from that door. To be honest I could probably do with both, as then it would work as a RHD car, With external locking only on o/s door , And internal locking on n/s door. Phew 😁
  13. Cheers Keith, I've got 2 options, keep the standard tank, and buy a new sender, and a gauge matcher, or buy a second hand tank, and cut out the sender hole to take the sender that came with the gauge. I favour the second option , as I can still use the car , while I fabricate the tank, then swap it over. So still looking for a cheap MK1, MK2, or at a pinch Corsair tank.🤔
  14. Thanks for that, yes I had seen them, but thought them to be a bit expensive. I,m really looking at a second hand tank, that I can cut out the sender hole and weld in my own fitting.
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