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  1. They arrived this morning 😮 Super quick. Well done Mk1 Cortina Owner Club Shop
  2. yep, I got a email today , to say they had been posted. What a great service😃
  3. I've ordered a pair from the club. I hope they get here quick, I'm on a roll now🤣
  4. Correct, I failed to attach the picture of the worn out one 🙄 So here it is anyway😀
  5. Yep that's the one, I'll see if I can get one , thanks for the info😀
  6. Hi all , I'm looking for a wiper spindle ferrel for my MK1 Cortina , see attached picture , anyone help me out. My one is very worn, so I want to replace it before I fit the wiper mechanism. Thanks Johnny
  7. Hi all, I'm wanting a wiper spindle chrome washer, more like a cup washer for my Cortina MK1 project. I only have one , and I'm ready to fit the wiper linkage in now, so if someone has one they can post to me , give me a price. Much appreciated in anticipation 😀 Please see picture. Thanks Johnny
  8. I'm looking for a RHD wiper linkage and arms for my 1965 MK1 Cortina. Anyone got a spare one lurking the shed. Thanks Johnny
  9. Hi all I'm still looking for a second hand bonnet catch plate, can anyone help me out? Cheers Johnny
  10. Thanks Keith, will do. I'll message you when I've paid.
  11. Great, I like one, but if you want to sell as a pair that's ok. Could you pm me with a price. Thanks Johnny
  12. Thanks Kieth, top man, you will help me to get this a bit further ahead. I've got a few hours in the mornings this week , so will post up my progress 🤗
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