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  1. I'm looking for a RHD wiper linkage and arms for my 1965 MK1 Cortina. Anyone got a spare one lurking the shed. Thanks Johnny
  2. Hi all I'm still looking for a second hand bonnet catch plate, can anyone help me out? Cheers Johnny
  3. Thanks Keith, will do. I'll message you when I've paid.
  4. Great, I like one, but if you want to sell as a pair that's ok. Could you pm me with a price. Thanks Johnny
  5. Thanks Kieth, top man, you will help me to get this a bit further ahead. I've got a few hours in the mornings this week , so will post up my progress 🤗
  6. I had seen the catch, but I'm on a budget, and thought I might be able to get a cheaper one than that , second hand is ok . Same for the rubbers, quite steep, and I only really need 1 second-hand one. Thanks for you help. Let me know if you find them and want to sell.
  7. Ok thanks, I'm a member , I'll have a look😬
  8. I'm still looking for these items, can anybody help ? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I,m after the bonnet rubber buffers on the front wing , and a slam panel plate where the catch goes. Has anyone got these items for sale? Thanks Johnny
  10. I have bought Escort ones, for my project, I'll make them fit. Its less work to buy a fabricated set and modify them, than make your own, and much better value. My project is a 2 door deluxe, so I'm not worried about originality, only function. If it was a GT however, id be not modifying it at all.
  11. Well spotted, is 63- 64 pre air flow, or air flow. I think it would work for me if it was a air flow GT one, and didn't go for lots of money. I'm using a Lotus dash moulding, so I probably will need to make things fit. Or I use the left hand drive one, and turn it around The starter and alt are on the opposite side to the crossflow, so that might work out ok.
  12. Ok thanks, for the info, I'll give him a try.
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