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  1. I like the idea of a white board "list" 😊
  2. Yes I am. The guy that's prepping and painting, looks after his father also, so it won't be as quick as a full time body guy.l'm guessing 6 to 8 weeks maybe. Just when it gets done. The Holden is my daily driver, it's a Commodore SS Ute. I bought it in Melbourne Australia 4 years ago , and imported myself. It's 350bhp LS1 engine, Duel fuel LPG sequential injection. 😄
  3. All my first fix repairs done, and it's off to the body shop down the road.
  4. Bugger, thought I was getting there, then a few small holes in the floor, cut out, just the spot welds to drill off the out rigger, then repairs ,🙄
  5. Back on 😊 New gas bottle, and new plus top on grinder. N/s sill done first fix. Nearly there.
  6. I got the other sill welded on, I needed to make up the end of the sill in the wheel well, closing plate , as that was a bit crispy. Now the mini grinder has packed up , and I've run out of gas for the mig.
  7. Just cleaned up with those, and any residual rust pitting I've treated with Vactan rust converter.
  8. These, or of this type, I think I paid ÂŖ12 for 5 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353417219311
  9. I been using poly wheels in a 4 1/2 grinder, and they work brilliantly, take of everything apart from the steel panel.
  10. On to the other side now, that's a bit worse , rust wise, so cut out and weld up inner sill before the outer goes on.
  11. Sill on and rough ground back 😀
  12. Yep, got the sill on yesterday, Clean all the welds up tonight ☚ī¸
  13. The car had been ziebarted at some stage in its life, probably from new, the sill was full of bitumen, so still on its original sills.
  14. Cut the sill off, all cleaned up , rust treated, ready for new sill.
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