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  1. Great, I'd very very interested, and I'm sure others would be.
  2. Its great that you were able to have a first hand experience of how it can be done. You should have all the information needed now.
  3. They use the same bottom arms, so maybe that's it, mk1 crossmember works, later too wide. I'd like to know, because, I'm saying from experience they don't fit, and others say they do. Definitive answer is are the mk1 and mk 2,3 different.๐Ÿ˜ณ
  4. Are there differences between the mk1 Capri chassis width, and the later mk3 width ? I had a mk3 crossmember , maybe that's wider than a mk1. What crossmember did you use ?
  5. I did use rack extending adapters. After I had run the car around for a bit to let every thing settle down, I re checked the camber, and set it to 1/1/4 deg neg. The rack was almost ok without the extenders, but I wanted more thread in the TRE's, so cut back the threaded end of the rack , and kept the extenders. Id be interested to see how you made the Capri set up work. I could not see how I could make a crossmember that was too wide to fit the MK1 rails without cutting it down work for me. But that's OK , you have made it work for you, and that's. all that matters. I'm happy with how my set up works, and your happy with yours. And the internet clever dickies can hold their heads tall
  6. I'm glad you made it work for you. For me it was about 2 inches too wide to fit the car. and the lower arm pick up points too far out . Your front track looks wider than mine, I wanted mine to look standard. See the pic for comparison. What do you think ?
  7. Click here to go to front suspension/steering conversion Alan Dent
  8. I think the MK2 Cortina has a wider track than the MK1 Cortina , so the anti roll bar may not fit. What I do know is the internet forum clever dickies say a Capri crossmember works on a Mk1 Cortina. I know it doesn't, as I believed the internet clever dickies, and got a Capri one for my Mk1 Cortina ,and it was not going to work, about 2 inches too wide. They may work with a Mk2 Cortina with the wider track, but I don't have personal experience of that. I used an Alan Dent crossmember.
  9. The Capri front crossmember is too wide for the mk1 Cortina. if its been cut down to fit, the rack is too long to pivot at the correct position. About 2 inches too wide. The set up will not be good to drive, with bad bump steer. The struts will work, but you will need to bring the tops in , to get the camber back, and you will need adjustable lower arms too. The original mk1 Cortina anti roll bar will work. best to buy a dedicated crossmember, that keeps the steering geometry. Mk2 escort rack with rs 2000 track rod ends and rack extenders. Escort and Capri bottom arms are the same part. you want roller top mounts , not the Capri ones
  10. Today Iโ€™ve changed from a 13 inch to a 15 inch steering wheel , to see if I like it better ๐Ÿ™„ got to drive it now, see how I like it. I like the design of the smaller one better, but donโ€™t like the yellow drift marker, and it feels a bit small. Iโ€™ll see how I get on๐Ÿ˜€
  11. I don't think our small amount of mileage would be measurable. Oh , and I have 2 wood burning stoves.
  12. I've done 600 miles , with no cutting out , so I assume the slightly loose wires to the crank sensor was indeed the problem. Motorsport electronics, are a good company to deal with. They have given me a full refund for the new replacement nodiz I bought from them, and never needed to use.
  13. Well I went to fit the new nodiz, and I had to remove the pins from the crank sensor plug, to get it though the bulkhead hole. I found the wires that I had crimped were very slightly loose, so I re crimped, and then soldered them . I thought that I would try in again, before I fitted the new one. Well , it's fixed , I've done 500 miles, and not a problem. So I can only surmise that the very slight movement between wire and crimped pin, was causing some electric noise that the ECU didn't like.
  14. It could do with a 4.125 diff really. It has its original 3.9 , It's a bit long legged. 148 mph @ 7000 rpm Theoretically. but 70 mph is ok
  15. Would these do it ? obstruction spanner
  16. I took the car out to get a few more miles on it , and see if the cutting out had gone. Well it cut out 15 times in 12 miles, I didn't think I was getting home, but it always cut back in again, and I did get home. Back on the phone to motorsport electronics, he suggested to cut the 2 wires that went to the TPS, rule out the wiring. I took it for a test drive and it did it again. So it wasn't that. I've got to the point , that its unusable, so I'm biting the bullet and buying a new one. If that works perfect, great , it was the old Nodiz box itself. Or if it does the same fault , I need to look at the trigger/crank sensor in more depth, and the old Nodiz system is working OK and I can put it on another project. HO HUM
  17. Im using a MK2 Cortina tank sender, and a non standard fuel gauge. I needed an gauge matcher, to match the sender to the gauge and work accurately. Plus I wanted a low fuel warning. Well I read the instructions 40 times, watched video's on you tube , and eventually programmed it up, so I see how that works.
  18. So far so good, it rained yesterday , so didn't get to drive it , but hopefully more miles today.
  19. I spoke to a nice guy at Motorsport Electronics, where I bought the Nodiz back in 2018, so well out of warranty. I told him what problems I was experiencing, and we went though what could be causing it. There was I few things that could cause the cutting out, and it most of the suggestion's I had already covered, apart from, he suggested it could be a faulty TPS sensor, or wiring. He said to disconnect the TPS sensor , and see if the fault was still there. Well I've done a few miles , and so for no cutting out. I'm going to try a new TPS sensor now, see if that works, if not its the wiring or the ECU itself. Ill keep you posted.
  20. Shake down run yesterday. I previously had a problem with the nodiz, with sync loss, and it cutting out at high revs. I had looked into this when first on the road 18 months ago, and changed the crank sensor , made sure it was close enough to the trigger wheel ect. When I stripped it for paint , I found the earth battery terminal loose at the body, so thought I'd fixed the cut out fault. But I hadn't , as it's still doing the cut out for a few seconds , then back on with a big bang of unburnt fuel in the exhaust. Pretty much .ed off, and down hearted now. I've emailed ME , to see if they can shed any light. Anyway to cheer me up , here's a picture as it is now โ˜น๏ธ
  21. I think we all know that feeling. It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the work , and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Give it a rest , as you are , and you will soon have some extra enthusiasm .๐Ÿ‘
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