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  1. Hi, Thanks for that. It might do the job. Most people selling on eBay are only selling the glass, I'd need a complete one. I don't think the local breakers yard is open at present , I need to look into that.
  2. Hi Has anyone got a complete glass pop up sunroof lurking in their spares stash. I'm looking for one for one of my other projects. Thanks Johnny
  3. A very big thank you Bernard, for sending me the catch plate. Big Kama points to you. Cheers Johnny
  4. Great, Top Man 😁 That will help me along with the build
  5. Hi, I'm still on the lookout for the plate that goes on the slam panel, that the safety hook catches on. Has anyone got one hiding somewhere they could sell me ? Thanks Johnny
  6. I don't yet know if the mx5 one is long enough, so may well need one of your cables 👍
  7. What is the difference? The gearboxes are the same ? I'd be surprised if they made 2 different lengths, ?
  8. I might be able to help with the LHD speedo cable, just changed mine to RHD, and will need to find something to fit the Mazda 5 speed box and Cortina speedo. So if I don't need to use the original LHD one , I'll have one spare. How soon do you need it, I haven't got to that point in the build yet 🙄
  9. They arrived this morning 😮 Super quick. Well done Mk1 Cortina Owner Club Shop
  10. yep, I got a email today , to say they had been posted. What a great service😃
  11. I've ordered a pair from the club. I hope they get here quick, I'm on a roll now🤣
  12. Correct, I failed to attach the picture of the worn out one 🙄 So here it is anyway😀
  13. Yep that's the one, I'll see if I can get one , thanks for the info😀
  14. Hi all , I'm looking for a wiper spindle ferrel for my MK1 Cortina , see attached picture , anyone help me out. My one is very worn, so I want to replace it before I fit the wiper mechanism. Thanks Johnny
  15. Hi all, I'm wanting a wiper spindle chrome washer, more like a cup washer for my Cortina MK1 project. I only have one , and I'm ready to fit the wiper linkage in now, so if someone has one they can post to me , give me a price. Much appreciated in anticipation 😀 Please see picture. Thanks Johnny
  16. I'm looking for a RHD wiper linkage and arms for my 1965 MK1 Cortina. Anyone got a spare one lurking the shed. Thanks Johnny
  17. Hi all I'm still looking for a second hand bonnet catch plate, can anyone help me out? Cheers Johnny
  18. Thanks Keith, will do. I'll message you when I've paid.
  19. Great, I like one, but if you want to sell as a pair that's ok. Could you pm me with a price. Thanks Johnny
  20. Thanks Kieth, top man, you will help me to get this a bit further ahead. I've got a few hours in the mornings this week , so will post up my progress 🤗
  21. I had seen the catch, but I'm on a budget, and thought I might be able to get a cheaper one than that , second hand is ok . Same for the rubbers, quite steep, and I only really need 1 second-hand one. Thanks for you help. Let me know if you find them and want to sell.
  22. Ok thanks, I'm a member , I'll have a look😬
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