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  2. Thanks , interesting read , for cars only built for 4 years they certainly have an interesting history. But now what are the mystery mounting points ? Located directly above the axle there are reinforced plates on the chassis rails , right at the top of the curve over the axle ,.a hole on the inner side and a captive nut on the outside . The picture I saw on the IRS setup used them to mount tubular parts that connected to the lower rear of the diff housing, I will try to post a picture . Thanks Dave
  3. Looking around under my recently aquired 66 mk1lotus I found a couple of what look like factory reinforced mountings on the chassis nothing to mount in then so I thought possibly something left over from the a frame set up that was never deleted , I googled cortina rear suspension to check and what a shock to see pictures of mk1s with independent rear suspension . Now when I picked up my car from the shop wher it sat for 20 or so years there was a pile of parts , I routed thank took everything I thought was related to my ca but a passed over a bunch of what I thought was elan rear suspension, control arms struts hubs etc . I think I am going to retrieve them if possible just in case . But did lotus ever fit cars with IRS ? My car is LHD Canadian version .
  4. Well we Have a steamer ,a heater and a hair drier so no excuse unless shmbo catches me Job for tomorrow
  5. The original 1966 headliner in my car is in pretty good shape except it has a fair few rinckles has anyone any ideas as to how to remove them , I would rather not replace it if possible as my replacing of a headliner would probably look worse . Thanks dave
  6. Soooo happy I went to the shop where the car had been dismantled nearly 20 years ago and there on top of a pile of junk were the two original panels !
  7. Wanted the outer panel that fits over the c panel and holds the airflow exit grill , to suit the left side of a two door mk1 ,1966. Thanks Dave
  8. I am looking for the c pillar vents to fit my 1966 Lotus cortina , does anyone know the part numbers as there appears to be different vents on 2 dr ,4dr and estate cars . Thanks Dave
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