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  1. As per the email, have the money here, ready to go inc pickup!
  2. shouldnt that say "solid gold"?
  3. the only one of those i have seen sold at the nats for 450
  4. I saw them saturday at the nats (in the mk1 field) all nice bits!
  5. no worries just for info a std cast exh wont fit a with Ford weber inlet manifold. there are aftermarket inlet weber based ones that bolt over std cast manifolds, but they are rare.
  6. its the same shape as this (but not ashley and certainly not new!) ....it does come out but not miles and then down and sweeps alongside the side of the gearbox. http://www.burtonpow...low-ashm30.html The dont mass produce ones in any other style (unless someone else knows better!)
  7. ive got a cheap one (well 30 quid!) tubular four branch....it has the flared end cut off...will be at the mark one nats in stratford upon avon sat/sun
  8. My guess is that it has the wrong sender hence the light going dimmer and brighter, instead of off and on. there are 3 types of sender. yours should either have the nut size much larger than 13mm (1/2) spanner size, or be fitted with a "converter" which is a brass sleeve which fits in the head to take the newer 13mm nut size sender. Airflow heads have the 13mm nut sender as std so it may have this head fitted to yours if engine has been changed during its life. therefore you need the right "early" sender. the club sells all types!
  9. yep std flange size is 85mm, GT is 92mm
  10. my guess is that its a mk1, the club sells the clamp but you need the ring that joins the flares.....ebay or club member
  11. I can confirm, these fit, and they work. I "road tested" one of them for Tony
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