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  1. Gheko

    Pinto backfiring

    Sorry, don’t get you ? You having tec problems 🙈👍🏽
  2. Gheko

    Pinto backfiring

    yes my thinking aswell, but ive been over the timing several times and all seems good, how would i check exactly that the vacum advance is working? could it be an issue with thr carb itself ?😫🙄
  3. Gheko

    Pinto backfiring

    Yep done all that, didn’t refit old dizzy, might try that, only didn’t want to have to go to all that trouble again. Anything else I could try before I rip it all out again 🙈🙈
  4. Gheko

    Pinto backfiring

    Hi john yea firing order spot on, it’s driving reasonably ok but when you floor it it spits and backfire up through carb. Has me baffled 😕
  5. Gheko

    Pinto backfiring

    Hi guys, looking for a bit of help, Mk3 cortina 1600 pinto, fitted with Sierra electronic dizzy bought off one, of ye guys, I can’t seem to get it running properly as it’s spitting and backfiring up the carb. Timing set at around 8 degrees btdc, take it any further and it won’t turn over hardly, take it back the other way and it’ll turn over but won’t start. Any help appreciated as I’ve spent way too much time at this.
  6. Gheko


    Hi guys, this topic has probably been covered lots of times but I can’t seem to find it. My 71 Mk3 cortina needs her rear bushings done, complete set. What’s the best ones to use and where’s best place to purchase. Also seems to have different sizes available, any idea what size I need. I’d like to have them before I start to replace as I don’t want it off the road too long waiting for delivery. She’s 1971 1600 pinto Gxl. Show car not driven hard. Thanks in advance for any info. Pk.
  7. Hi there are these bits still available?
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