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  1. Hi there all I have a small problem as stated in title any idea people many thanks. Darren.
  2. Sorted if admin wants to close cheers Darren.
  3. DMR


    Cortina 4-5 boot rubber seal I bought one of line it's total . so if anyone as good secondhand one ill be intrested Many thanks Darren.
  4. Ok thanks for the info cheers Darren.
  5. I have a switch under dash no power to it and no lights on the rear. Any info is good info thanks.
  6. Well I have 4 chrome ones and wanted 4 black as the chrome ones are peeling and I have 4 shrouds missing sorry to be vague but 1.00 each for what parts cheers Darren p.s did you put the wheels on the car you got from me last year. ?
  7. Hi there all As stated looking for door lock poppers & surrounds chrome would be nice with black or chrome shrouds thanks guys Darren.
  8. DMR

    Carbodies update

    Cheers greg I'll have to owe you some of these 🍺 🍺 🍺🍺🍺 best regards Darren.
  9. DMR

    Carbodies update

    Well I have to say Greg that is 100% the best restoration I've seen for a long while nice to see how high it looks on the front to did you say they were -1" thanks mate Darren.
  10. DMR


    Hi there all I'm looking for a good centre console arm rest in black if you have please mail me thanks guys Darren.
  11. DMR

    Hello mate 

    are you the greg I have been speaking to on eBay 



  12. Hello mate I bought 2 new kyb then I bought 2 new old stock genuine still no different the rubbers on the top of the spring look a bit .ty t I can't find a decent set all I can find is some alloy type on eBay cheers darren.
  13. Hi there I have changed the springs with another new set still no different its doing my head in thanks darren.
  14. Hi to all I bought a mk4 1978 saloon back end issues updated to polly bushes new rear coil springs new rear shocks but between the top of the tyre on passenger side rear to bottom of the wheel arch the gap is 75mm o/s/r the gap is 55mm i just don't no what else to do any information will be very welcomed thanks Darren.
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