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  1. Sorted if admin wants to close cheers Darren.
  2. DMR


    Cortina 4-5 boot rubber seal I bought one of line it's total . so if anyone as good secondhand one ill be intrested Many thanks Darren.
  3. Well I have 4 chrome ones and wanted 4 black as the chrome ones are peeling and I have 4 shrouds missing sorry to be vague but 1.00 each for what parts cheers Darren p.s did you put the wheels on the car you got from me last year. ?
  4. Hi there all As stated looking for door lock poppers & surrounds chrome would be nice with black or chrome shrouds thanks guys Darren.
  5. DMR


    Hi there all I'm looking for a good centre console arm rest in black if you have please mail me thanks guys Darren.
  6. DMR

    Hello mate 

    are you the greg I have been speaking to on eBay 



  7. DMR


    Hi there all I want a TOWBAR for my mk4 but have been told same as the mk5 i was sold one last week by a chap who sId it was a cortina but turns out to be a mk2 Granada ‚ėĻÔłŹ So if you have one you must be willing to post to south ockendon Essex thanks darren.
  8. DMR

    Hello there 

    being your Essex based as I am do you no anyone who 

    as got a set of cortina mk4 steels 



  9. DMR

    Hi fat rob 

    its been a long while me and my cousin come to you to get some 

    mk5 cortina parts 

    got to be over 15 years ago when he was on the cortina 80 site 

    hope your all good 

    I suppose it would help his name was big steve all the tattoos 

    you can miss him ūüėā

    1. cortinadale


      How is big steve. Thats a blast from the past

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