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  1. Bought to put into my Lotus Elan +2. It's the wrong type, whilst the actual box is identical, the tailshaft is wrong and if there was a Bellhousing (which there isn't ) it would be wrong. Do Not know if it would be of any use in a Cortina but that's Down to you. Stands me £190. Happy to get my money back. ps . Tried to upload photos but file size was to big. Contact me😊
  2. Got a 3 rail gearbox from a Ford Anglia 105e but need a1st gear ratio of 2.97:1 think higher performance cars Lotus Cortina, RS2000 /1600 ,GT's ,Capri might of had them. thanks, Martyn.
  3. Thanks everyone, now looking for a 2000e box. Cheers.
  4. Don't tell me on a 2000e box has a different diameter lay shaft.😳
  5. Hi all, restoring a Lotus Elan +2 managed to source a Twin cam and a 3 rail box from a Ford Anglia. To keep things right I need to change the 1st gear ratio from 3.55 : 1 to 2.97:1. I am told that a 3 rail 2000e box has this ratio. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks Martyn.
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