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  1. Hi as the title implies, im after a pre facelift sloping top dash crash pad also an atlas axle and power steering rack for a cortina v6 and lastly a full heater box . Sorry for such a weird list but i think its better than posting for each item. Thanks in advance
  2. Scattaz

    Cortina mk3 wanted

    Totally agree with you, the problem is that i can barely find any for the likes of me. I already got one in rough condition but got some parts missing so im trying to find one complete and solid now but if a rough one comes up and is worth it for me to use the two to make one then i think i can manage like that too. Thanks for the advice as i need all i can get, hope something comes up because i havent gotten much replies yet. Thanks again
  3. Hi i am new to this site but have been looking for a cortina mk3, are there any for sale. I am looking for a pre-facelift saloon please. ( If there is any in rough condition please still contact me as i can be interested). Thanks
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