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  1. Lol you could say I've been brought up around cars , my uncle used to own a scrap yard must be 30 yrs ago in Bolton, the cars he had would be worth a few quid now ,I can remember most the cars I remember one was a lotus cortina it was stripped ready for restoration , and I remember him telling me the previous owner was some short famous comedian from blackpool and the pedals had been extended so he could reach them 🙂
  2. Erm I'm not sure yet 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Tyvm consul315 I've had help decoding it now , I was pulling my hair out ( if only i had any lol ) but it seem like I've found here is the perfect place for me to be , you all seem nice and helpful here 🙂
  4. Hi Johnny boy if you look at Rick's youtube channel there is a few videos what might be of help with him showing them installed , if you go to a video posted about 8 years ago you'll see my red escort mk3 xr3 with power steering ( I miss that car ) 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol
  5. No problem Just give him a call I'm sure he will be happy to help hes been doing the steering conversions for years ,keep me posted thanks 👍
  6. Hi johnny I'm new here but my mate Rick does theses conversions here is his website http://www.leonbirchall.co.uk if you speak to him tell him Graham give you the contact details ( I might get some brownie points) incase I do the conversation too 🙂
  7. Thanks retro I dont have anything only the numer plates on the car and vin on the slam panel they look original , i cant even use the decoder here because I dont think it works for a foreign car , I've printed off some forms from dvla but I need the cars details to fill it in, eg. weight engine size year / month manufacture
  8. Hello can anyone decode my vin it dont seem to work on the decoder here I think because it's a lhd and from france , I need to get it registered here in the uk , but I've no paperwork, i dont know how long it's been in the uk , i dont know anything , oh it's a cortina mk4 2 door thanks
  9. I just thought I'd say hello I'm new here and to cortinas 😁 il post some pics soon of my project hope I've not made a mistake its french lhd no paperwork so I dont know even if I can get it on a uk plate 🤦🏻‍♀️
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