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  1. This is the thread I have found : I have old messages and emails from "theminiforum" where i had contact from Decky75 about it and im sure it was him who bought it, then finding this post about a car the exact match from the ebay link and decky saying its his old one, i am putting 2 and 2 together. Thanks alot!
  2. I'm hoping locked away somewhere!
  3. I am trying to locate a 1970 MK2 2 DOOR Cortina reg UDC 447J It is a car that I would do alot for to be able to find and even better, own! Was in my family a long time and was sat in my grandmothers garden for years until it was sold in 2010. I have done the usual checks and it had a new V5 issued in 2012. I think Decky75 bought it and was possibly owned by Batty3636 from a link i found. I HAVE DONE TAX CHECKS AND WHAT NOT, I KNOW ITS NOT SEEN THE ROAD SINCE THE 80'S BUT I AM NOT GIVING UP HOPE THAT ITS NOT STILL OUT THERE. Any advice, photos or information is much much appreciated. Regards Dan. danny19_93@hotmail.co.uk
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