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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. I and the car are in New Zealand! It first came to NZ in 1976. Have since contacted Dees via a generic sales enquiry email facility as this seemed the only way. No email address on their site otherwise and I seriously doubt the receptionist, should I phone them, would have the foggiest idea of how to handle my enquiry! But will phone if need be. The car is an early '67 Lotus, colour Saluki Bronze, Parchment trim, with a Webasto sunroof.
  2. In late 2019 I was lucky enough to find an interesting Cortina that had been in storage for 38 years, but there is no early history with it so far. Despite the DVLA I have learned that it was first registered in Croydon when the nearest Ford dealership was John Willment (Mitcham) Ltd, so I would particularly like to learn if indeed it passed through Willments and who that interesting first owner was. Does anybody out there have or know of a contact that may link me to a remnant of Willment organisation please?
  3. It amuses me that any Mk.2 Cortinas built in August of 1967 would have the letters "GT" incorporated in their Chassis no. for build date, which might well be misinterpreted by anyone unschooled on ID plates, thinking the car was a GT! A slight oversight on Ford's part perhaps. Given August '67 was a transitional month in which some changes were made, perhaps few cars were built in August anyway, as I only know of one. Is there anyone out there in authority who can tell me approximately how many were built during August 1967 please?
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