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  1. Hi Bodyart. Yes, it's an Eagle RV. It was running well enough but I took it off the road a couple (or more!) years ago to give it a complete revamp - mostly cosmetic stuff needed. Got a new plastic petrol tank for it and the seats from a Suzuki Vitara. Planning to respray it and build a complete 'proper' dashboard - that's the biggest weak point of most kits, so I'm keen to do a decent job of that! Must, must, must get going... :-(
  2. Thanks and ditto.
  3. Hi CortinaDusty. I hope Sheffield can help you out as it's likely to be a while before I chase an axle in earnest, and fair chance I'd need all the brake parts too as I think I recall there was a fair bit of wear to the self-adjusting mechs in mine. Sorry.
  4. Cheers, Sheffield and RT. Most likely the ratios are as you say, Sheff. A Kohn would be absolutely fine for my use anyway. When I finish scraping and painting my last chimney stack, I hope to start on the car. I'll triple-check the issue then. Thank you to everyone for their help. :-)
  5. Thanks dgo. Yes, 100% certain it's the axle - these alloy wheels are a replacement for the Weller steels it came with, and the wobble is as pronounced with whichever alloy is placed on that hub. When I first got the kit, I did wonder if it was the Weller that was buckled, but the wobble is actually detectable on the brake drum itself when rotated; scuff...scuff...scuff... :-( Thanks for the info on the Atlas. And I'll try and determine for certain what ratio my current axle is.
  6. Thanks so much for this, dgo. Anything around 3k rpm at 70 is good, as this beast will rarely go over 50 - man, the wind! I agree about the cause of damage too - a couple of inches of extra leverage ain't going to bend an axle under normal conditions. Almost certainly the car (perhaps even the donor) was slammed hard against kerb or rock, and that would have destroyed whatever wheel was on it at the time too. The weird thing is, I think the other side has a tiny amount of wobble too, tho' it's been a few years since I had it on the road so I may be remembering incorrectly. What would clobber both sides if so?! I'm about to start getting the car back on the road, but - as you can see - it needs more than a rear axle. There seems to be a few Kohn axles available at any time - including a nice one from SWCort which also isn't too far away once travel restrictions are lifted - so I'll wait and see if I can ideally get a 3.75 for my lighter-than-Cortina kit which only has the 4-speed 'box, but would settle for a 3.89 when the time comes. (Mind you, it's possible that only the Atlas is available in 3.75, unless Ford fitted Kohns to the last 2.0L Mk4 & 5s too?)
  7. Thanks. That ratio should be fine, tho' not exactly what I was after. (It won't matter if I just use the half-shafts tho'). Crewkerne is a tad far at the moment, but will be fine as the current situation eases up.
  8. Thanks again dgo. It's the 4-speed 'box with 17" wheels and 235/70 tyres - so quite a bit extra rolling radius! It's a lighter body than the donor, tho', and it ran well. I wouldn't ideally like the ratio increased - ie engine speed increased, tho' there isn't that much of a difference I don't think.
  9. Thanks. That looks like the type. I'm not sure what the ratio is on my own axle, but that shouldn't matter as I'm mainly require the half-shafts. Where in Somerset are you?
  10. Hi SW. Is this a Kohn axle? Where abouts in Somerset are you? Thanks.
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