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  1. thanks Taz, I have replied
  2. Thanks I'll ask for the VIN and photos of the axle and brakes, see what it actually is. Yes the knock on of CV-19 is a worry. Will hard up owners have to sell to fund the mortgage or pay for the daily car bought on finance, especially if it's sat in the garage not being used much. Or are classic car owners more likely to be older with few if any debts ? If cars are forced on the market the heady prices of the last few years may start coming down if there are fewer buyers around. After all a cars only worth what someone will pay, not what it's advertised for. I wouldn't want to buy in a falling market, that's akin to catching a falling knife ! Especially if looking to make some $$ on it.
  3. thanks for the comments guys if I can get the VIN details what code(s) should I look for to confirm its a genuine 1600GT ? Has anyone got a link how to decode the VIN plate ? It could easily be trying to be something it's not which will affect the resale value
  4. Hi, thanks. I think it's a genuine 1600GT and my mate said the seller seemed genuine and it was in really good condition. I think the sellers got to that age where he doesn't use it and it's time to sell up. But yes, the VIN will tell. Is there any specific VIN code for a 1600GT export model I can look for ? I don't mind keeping it for a few months and using it but storage is always an issue with classics. I'd have to hunt around for somewhere and it could be at risk if not stored at mine which at the moment isn't possible. Plus I don't want to go to the trouble, and expense, of getting it over here and then being landed with it or even loosing money. I've not been involved with Cortinas since my mate had a 1600GT MK2 way back in 1974 !! What sort of ball park figures are 1600GT's making these days in this condition? £10k, £15k ? any ideas would be a huge help thanks
  5. Hi, a friend of mine saw this mint MK2 Cortina 1600GT recently on his travels It looks like it's had an excellent restoration. He spoke with the owner and the car is for sale. At this time I don't have any further info, mileage etc other than the photos Does it look like a genuine 1600GT ? I haven't got the VIN details but if you advise what to look for I might be able to get it The car is located overseas so I would have to get it back here. Can anyone advise how much it would be worth if I sold it here, UK registered with an MOT thanks apologies for posting links to larger photos but I could only post a thumbnail directly https://postimg.cc/FdZXv46w https://postimg.cc/f3GtS6MH https://postimg.cc/w7qVBsf1 https://postimg.cc/mzW3Wc12 https://postimg.cc/0MGYk87G https://postimg.cc/cg5s837d
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