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  1. Problems getting hot air from the blowers, the hot - cold slider was very stiff but seems to be moving the heater lever. Looking at the photo here (from under the glove box area) the cable pushes the lever for hot, photo is as far as mine goes for hot, either by the control lever or by using pliers on lever in photo, can anyone check theirs please and let me know if this is about right. I have also drained and flushed through the heater matrix. Water pipes in and out of heater get hot, though (out) not as hot. Any advice or ideas please,
  2. searched the post by Steve, lots of comments. But still confused. My car was registered March 1982 however from codes looks like it was built Nov 1981. So does my car become MOT exempt from December 2021, without me doing anything? As for tax exemption, guess I need to fill out V112 form and chance my arm down the post office? Ive read conflicting things not least on https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-exempt-from-vehicle-tax who mention January 1981 and taking log book down the post office. I'm sure its easy if you know, I don't. Many thanks Chris.
  3. thanks guys, quite pleased with it. Had one this colour in 1998, ok but not my fav colour. Wheels have been refurbed at some time, I got some stickers off ebay for the black inserts, easier than painting on. Interior is quite good too. There is rust of course but for the money it isn't too bad. I loved driving mk4/5s in the 2000s as a cheap, cool and my favourite car. But now feel a bit more conspicuous, these are very old cars now.
  4. Thanks Guys, RJ Well number plate still says Quicks of Ashton. (under Lyne) Slowly worked its way South. Car got a mention on here in 2007 Not much to do under bonnet hopefully, but getting to oil filter, distributor, etc is a joy compared to modern cars.
  5. Bought this a few weeks back, Motd and quite pleased to be driving one of these again. Ive managed to fluke one picture over with Mrs help, by resizing it but only one it seems. Still hopefully I will find working under the bonnet of these easier than uploading photos.
  6. thanks will look in to that then..
  7. its a saloon. cheers
  8. I am after a drivers front door rubber seal. The one on my car is a replacement, but too fat, I would say, and the door struggles to shut as a result. Any ideas of suppliers please? or even a 2nd hand one. Thanks
  9. Chrisdevon

    mk5 wanted

    Ive been looking for a Mk5 for a while now. If anyone knows of anything please let me know, as not everyone looks here on wanted, I missed out on Big Mikes Cortina, just a few miles away. And the right price. Price wise can go up £3000 with MOT, cant afford a minter I know.. I used to love buying these for £500 a few years back, want one last go... Cheers Chris.
  10. Chrisdevon

    mk5 wanted

    thanks for replies, I might be dreaming but I would like something between £2k to £3k. and a saloon preferably. So show winners, and mint cars are not for me sadly.
  11. Chrisdevon

    mk5 wanted

    Hi, Looking for a mk5 preferably on the road, any model, if anyone on here knows of/got of anything. happy to it sell back on here, just want one more before they get to old/expensive..
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