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  1. Still for sale. Have PM'd you back
  2. Thanks to fellow Forum member, Seamus, for kindly posting some images of my 2 door GXL. I was struggling to do it on my ageing laptop....
  3. I got the 400 figure from the Mk3 Cortina Owners Club...
  4. Well that takes me back!! The blue seems very pale but i suppose its an older washed out image and a photo of a photo.
  5. Thanks Paul. That was my car you took a photo of!! I understand Ford only made 400. I only know of three others.
  6. Ive tried adding images again but i keep getting the message that im only allowed 160kb. How do i add images that everyone else has been able to !!??? Mystified.....
  7. Reluctantly i am selling my pride and joy that i have owned since 1987 but only if i can get a decent price for it. Its a 1972 2 door 1600GXL in immaculate condition. Ive spent a small fortune over the years most recently a professional part restoration and interior retrim all with a photographic record. Its finished in sapphire blue metallic with black trim. It is 99% original apart from 1inch lowered and uprated springs, Ashley exhaust system and Kent Fast Road cam. Its not concourse but not far from it. We all know the pre facelift GXLs are amongst the most sought after and this is one of the better ones out there. I really want this to go to a very good home where it will not be mucked up and customised. And i really do not want to give it away. If i get no interest here i will have to resort to the hit and miss auction fest of ebay. If there is interest we can arrange to swap details to discuss further and i can provide further photographs etc. Ive tried to attach images to this post but the size limit is too restrictive.
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