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  1. Hi Sheffieldcortinacentre - thanks for the advice - I'll look out for a servo with a slightly more knowledgeable air now! Thanks Ghia Mk4/5 - if not, you'll read about it in the papers!
  2. Steve - many thanks for the welcome! Sheffieldcortinacentre - thanks- it's about 3.5" between the mounting bolts (which is a little over 80mm). I'd be hoping to swap the master cylinder onto the "new" servo - are the servos reliable? Anything to watch out for on an old one?
  3. New to posting so plse be gentle!I've a 2.8litre Marcos Martina - but before you say "it's not a Cortina", please be aware that the important stuff (suspension, brakes, steering, rear axle) is all Mk 4 Cortina (and the engine/gearbox is Granada). I'm after some advice please - it needs "significant" brake pressure to stop it rapidly. It has no servo, the brake master cylinder has "Girling 74660294.8.0325" cast on its side, and a red plastic band with "66197 0238/62 440X" embossed on it. Brakes are bled, pads and discs/drums are new and run in.Question is: does anyone know if I can fit a servo to this master cylinder (if so, off what car?), or should I ditch it and find another master cylinder/servo (but which one?) and fit that? You can see that there is some space for a servo (max diameter of 16 inches). I'd rather not fit a remote servo if I can help it (I'd rather not put it in the boot, and the bonnet is already pretty full of V6!).All advice welcome!
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