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  1. By a stroke of luck someone put me onto a sound MK3 front subframe with suspension that was rebuilt some time ago for another type of kit car. It never got registered so most of the ball joints etc are as new. My kit car is a Madison and uses mostly Cortina running gear - small pic for those that are interested. Thanks
  2. I've just removed the Cortina based front suspension assembly out of my kit car and found that it's in a really bad state. The crossmember is rusted through by the N/S lower wishbone mount and everything else is so badly seized or rusted it's not worth the effort of rebuilding. Ideally, I'd like to find another sound crossmember with suspension that's worth stripping down and rebuilding or a good one that's ready to go on the car. It doesn't matter if it's a MK3, MK4 or a MK5 . My front hubs/discs/calipers are ok, as is the rack so it doesn't necessarily need to have those. Thanks
  3. Sorry for not getting back sooner, was waiting for a Mk3 manual off eBay to check what should be there with what I have on the car... So I'm interested in the arb, I can probably get some brackets made up if no one else has any. I'm not in a rush for it as need to strip down the front subframe, also getting it to Norfolk needs working out. Can I leave it that I'll contact you again after Xmas is out of the way, if you sell it in the meantime fair enough?
  4. Thanks for the reply. The bushes have disintegrated completely on both tiebars but it looks like the holes in the cradle are elliptical and as it has no anti roll bar it sounds like the low spec pre facelift Mk3 you mentioned. Can you message me with what bits you have to fit a post facelift cradle please as I'm going to buy a cradle and build a replacement one up with poly bushes etc. Thanks for your help
  5. Do you still have this and do you have any front suspension bits such as anti roll bar and brackets?
  6. I've recently bought a Madison kit car with a 2 litre Pinto, 5 speed gearbox and Mk3/Mk4/Mk5 running gear (I'm not sure which as I don't know how to differentiate between them) It uses the whole Ford front crossmember and suspension but needs rebuilding with new bushes etc and it's missing the anti roll bar and drop links. If anyone has a decent crossmember with all or most of the suspension that's worth stripping down and getting blasted, power coated etc I'd be interested in buying it. Thanks
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