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  1. Hi do you still have the cortina interior for sale cheers

  2. Perksey

    Rear valance

    Interested in the black interior if it was full interior. If not how much for the carpet and rear valance
  3. Perksey

    Rear valance

    Also if you have any interior for sale give me a shout
  4. Perksey

    Rear valance

    Ok bud thanks again
  5. Hi did you find a valance cheers mark 

  6. Perksey

    Rear valance

    Cheers thanks 👍🏻
  7. Perksey

    Rear valance

    Wanted rear valance for a mk5 saloon cheers guys
  8. Perksey

    Centre console

    Grey one mate and need the whole lot it’s prob best if I come to you Saturday if that’s ok as I do fancy a different interior as I’ve got the grey gl interior and fancy a more retro brown if you have any ??if not could you give me a price on the centre piece and the piece under the glovebox👍🏻
  9. Perksey

    Cortina mk5 panel

    Ok how much all in cheers mark
  10. Perksey

    Cortina mk5 panel

    Wanted under dash panel that fits under the glove box and panel that fits under steering column
  11. Hi do you have any Ghia or descent interior for a mk5 cortina 

  12. Perksey

    Centre console

    Wanted centre console armrest for cortina mk5
  13. 185/70 of the top of my head mate it’s a manual 4 branch manifold twin Webber and piper cam running 115bhp trying to find some nice Ghia interior at the mo but hard to find
  14. Perksey

    Mk5 needed

    Defo intrested in the armrest and carpet how much mate
  15. Perksey

    Mk5 needed

    Salon mate
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