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  1. Just about to fit new rubber boots to Mk3 steering rack. It looks a bit fiddly to try to squirt oil past the rubber boot, so, is it possible to remove the slipper bearing cover, and load the oil there?
  2. I obtained a new correct servo bracket and a good Mk3 Capri servo and master cylinder. I had to extend the servo pushrod by 2 inches, and the front wheel brake pipe union to the master cylinder had to be converted to 10mm union. A standard bleed nipple was obtained to block off the extra outlet on the master cylinder. The result is phenominal. I now have brakes with very little pressure needed. I think my basic problem was that the previous owner had fitted recon servo type calipers, which didn't work with my non servo master cylinder. For reference it appears that a yellow plastic band on the master cylinder means non servo type and a red band means servo type.
  3. Managed to get a mate to grovel. Job now done . Thanks.
  4. Before I start dismantling the instrument panel, can anybody tell me whether or not I can get access to the clevis pin through there, or is it only possible to get there by grovelling under the dash? I'm afraid my back won't allow me to do that. Mark 3 pfl.
  5. Thanks for that. I will report back on the result when I've done the job. I am needing a union to connect the pipe to the manifold. Appears to be normal 10mm thread.
  6. Yes, I know that fitting a servo won't improve the brakes, but I am at my wit's end with my brakes. I'm 80 this year, and feeble, so at least a servo should need less pedal pressure. Anyway, I've obtained a really good servo and m/cylinder off a Mk.3 Capri. Measuring up, it will all fit without any bashing. 2 differences that I have spotted, 1, the rearmost fluid outlet is a different size, 10mm instead of 12mm - easily sorted. 2, there is an extra fluid outlet from the front of the master cylinder, one in the normal side position, and one at the front underneath. Anybody know what this is for, and will it be OK to blank it off? I have the correct Cortina bracket. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yes absolutely straight from the box onto the car. On another forum somebody complained that theirs started leaking, but was fixed FOC. Give it a day or two to see if anybody else on here has any comments.
  8. I had my master cylinder resleeved by Past Parts, and it has performed faultlessly over a few 000 miles. It cost c£150 though, but to my mind a resleeved original is better than a cheap foreign one. What colour is the plastic band on your cylinder?
  9. Yep, mine has the same set up as the image, so hopefully it is correct for no servo. Thanks.
  10. Does anybody know the significance of the coloured plastic band wrapped round the brake master cylinder. My car is a 1972 1600L saloon with no servo. Plastic band is yellow. My brakes are awfull. Everything except front discs, which look OK, renewed in the last 18 months. I'm wondering if the master cylinder is for a servo car.
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