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  1. hi I will have is please
  2. weber air box View Advert hello chaps and ladies..... would anyone have a weber air box for my cortina mk5 Pleeeezzzz Kind Regards Kevin Advertiser kevinsingh Date 10/05/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted  
  3. Thanks once again cortina ace
  4. Evenin All…. Warm night My work in progress MK5 has some sort of alarm rigged up to the headlamps and fuel flap… No idea how it works nor do I have a fob..!, The alarm box is sighted on the near side front inner wing more or less in line with the battery.. The horns are positioned in the same inner wing very near the scuttle … I would like to ask if anyone can here is the correct position for the two horns under the bonnet as I want the under bonnet to look original. Not sure how to remove the alarm but either side of the radiator there are two wires with bullet type ends on them leading to this alarm box.. Do the horns sit near the radiator or under the front panel..?. Much appreciate any pointers And as usual thank you in advance… regards Kevin
  5. Yes …. But I would fit an additional temperature gauge hidden near the console.. one of my friends is a whizz on electronics and he may be able to wire up direct from the engine sensors, but mainly for me is the REV counter so I can pretend it’s a 2.0GL Auto….I know I know I am a bit of an anorak ha ha ha ha regards Kevin
  6. thanks to all you guys fro your advice on auto choke... I just cannot seem to make head or tail of it.... Am I ok to fit a twin choke weber or will I have the same auto choke scenario?? I must say this site is just invaluable for people who forgot how to when to on Mk5.. Will I run into fog looking for a weber with manifold?? Regards Kevin
  7. hello steve.... that looks greatn to me how much sir?? regards Kevin
  8. hello sir....


    I was wondering if you had any nearside wishbones mk5...

    I don't know how to tell but the wheel seems to be slanting in at the top and out at the bottom..

    someone said it could be tracking?

    have you known for wishbones to bend?




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    2. sheffieldcortinacentre


      It's nearly 40 years of maintaining, modifying & restoring them plus Collecting parts, memorabilia, etc.

      I'm not a business just a nut with 7 1/2 cortinas & ford falcon Ute.

      The name is a joke as there used to be a Sheffield mini centre.


      5 1/2 mk3's & 2 mk5's.


      I was in the oc since it started in 89 until it folded a couple of years ago.

      As tech & special's registrar ( export models, factory one-offs etc).


      Always happy to help others with parts,info,etc if I can. I don't get online til 9ish most nights not good with computers & don't do social media full stop.


      Far easier to talk ( although I don't know when to shut up) .

      I attend cortina day every June & fords on the front ( Blackpool) every September , will be at really retro ( Stafford) on 25th never been before  mate & I are having a stall in jumble.


      Callers are welcome midday onwards in person or on phone 07766634012 Craig.

    3. kevinsingh


      Sounds heaven to have all that memorabilia…

      you must have great memories to share..


      Like yourself I have never indulged in Social media ..it is not me..and am not a techy so computers are beyond me…


      If you don’t mine I would like to ring you at your convenience to see we can strike a deal on them hoses….



    4. sheffieldcortinacentre


      Yep no prob bit busy this weekend so after 5 pm should be fine.

      It's crazy here.

      Mk3 Cortinas range from 33 years to 20 years in my ownership & one of the mk5's my late father bought new & is still regd to him the other a crayford has been mine 15ish (restored from a wreck) but I've known of it since circa 1990 used to see on the road never realised I'd end up rescuing it from certain scrappage & putting it a k on the road.

      Although this has been the case on several occasions ,like a challenge lol !

  9. I managed to change my thermostat today…. 13mm deep socket and ratchet…. The thermostat was held in by a spring clip …seated on a rubber sealing ring.. I made sure the thermostat housing face and engine block face were completely clean.. applied some hylomar on both sides of the gasket and re fitted … obviously the top hose was removed and refitted.. Topped up with coolant made sure I left the radiator cap off while running to prevent any air lock… Guess what I bought the thermostat,gasket,retaining spring clip and sealing ring at the grand old 1979 price of £2.25…. A bargain….
  10. Instrument panel.. View Advert Hello everyone…. Does anyone have an instrument panel with the rev counter for sale.. ?Cortina Mk5 1.6GL 1979. I am pretty sure my 2.0GL auto use to have a Rev counter …that was in the olden days… regards Kevin Advertiser kevinsingh Date 07/08/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted  
  11. Hello everyone hope all are well… please..can anyone tell me if the noisy diff in fourth gear is an easy Sunday job or is this a specialist job that I should not undertake on the driveway.. I been told by home mechanics could be diff bearings ?? Thanks in advance
  12. Thank you so far to your helpful and valuable advice so far ….
  13. good morning....Luv your car... don't tell me its an auto or I would be smiling smiling smiling... Can I ask you what size tires you are running those wheels on ? regards Kevin
  14. that is a super picture and yes that makes more sense to me now...thank you
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