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  1. Cloth upholstered seats, too! You never see those on the Australian MK1 Cortinas, but I think the same pattern was used on the Consul Classic. (Those were private imports from the UK or New Zealand.)
  2. The screw is for refilling the original type of damper mechanism with oil. My Corsair still has the original strut innards, and I use Castrol Fork Oil 10, intended for motorcycle struts.
  3. The Saab is a 1974 model 99LE Combi automatic, Polar White with an orange (aka Lion Yellow) interior. Are there many 99 Combis left in Sweden? There are very few non-Turbo 3-door 99s still on the road in the UK, I know. As for Australia, there's not much interest in the cars, so it's hard to say.
  4. It doesn't mention it, but I think they used spare parts from the Mk1 estate creating the rear doors, rear pillars and roof. I tried to check www.fordcorsair.co.uk with Wayback, but there's nothing left of it but the index pages.
  5. "S for beautiful, S for quick, S for sporty." It loses something in the translation! Not that I fuss much about these things, but the two-door "S" really ought to be the quickest Corsair 1500. I nearly bought a Corsair S, but the Italian GT popped up on Ebay in a nice colour and with four doors and I went with that. I think Cortinas look best as 2-doors, and Corsairs as 4-doors.
  6. That's how they were named in Austria, and as the Corsair "83" in South Africa if I remember correctly. I can't read all of the chassis number on the strut top, but it ends in "GT". I suppose these cars were otherwise numbered like 1500 Deluxes.
  7. LHD is no problem if the car's over thirty years old. But I've already got a Corsair 1500 GT, the Italian version with LHD. No room (or money) for another one!
  8. Just in case the listing disappears, the Corsair is a LHD 1964 model Deluxe two-door in white, with a red interior, and what looks like the GT engine. The interior seems fairly good except for the rotten black carpet, but these began to turn brown as soon as the cars left the showroom so it's to be expected.
  9. Australian-made Mk1 Cortinas also had the diagonal braces going from struts to bulkhead. Probably the rest of the heavy duty chassis features too, though I don't think the tank or sump guards were normally fitted.
  10. The Mark 2 looks perfect as an estate car. I'd like one if my Saab Combi ever packs in.
  11. I could easily do without the name stamp if the bracket fitted properly! Some of the repro brackets sold as Lotus Cortina parts look like they have the wrong spacing on the bolts that go into the inner wing. Maybe they're for Escort GT's?
  12. Thanks for that. It's surprising how much money's being asked for those bits of bent metal now.
  13. Does anyone know the Ford part number of the Lotus bracket pictured? I'm wondering if it was the same part used on the Corsair 1500GT (120E 2A248). It looks very similar, but the Corsair had the 7" servo instead of the 5.5".
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