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  1. not a problem, i've been reckoning that myself. Waiting on my blow torch arriving, but in no hurry, it's only a spare engine in reserve. I think it will be much easier to remove the plugs oince it's on the bench. Gripping the plugs is now the problem as my various sockets don't fit the rounded plugs too well, but with the head off and heat applied directly to the threads, im hoping to make progress. I have an old Hilman Imp socket that is old fashioned steel and I'm hoping to adapt it to fit with a big hammer.
  2. i will, there's no rush. all advice appreciated
  3. i don't want to beat the centre in to the engine, and it looks to me as if it was originally inserted from the top when made.
  4. well the air impact wrench never really stood a chance as the plug is so rounded now with miultiple tries to free it. Heat is my next option, and if that fails, the head is comong off and i'll be able to add wd40 directly on to the threads then. Not sure what else i can do unless someone can suggest a product that will grip the rounded off plug. I guess once the head is off, i can take it to someone and get them to weld a nut to the metal part of the plug. BTW, it's a spare engine so there's no rush. I bought the engine to mess around with, and I'm certainly doing that.
  5. I have ordered an air impact wrench and a propane gas blow torch , hoepfully one or both will do the trick. Even if I only sheer off the end of the pplug, i'll be happy, as i'd then be able to use an extractor. the problem is the plugs look ancient and don't have much meat for the socket to grip on.
  6. vitamin C should sort that
  7. i have one of thise somewehre, but I'd need to remove the centre of the plug to use it. the metal part of the plug is intact currently.
  8. pinto. i'd have to remove the middle of the plug entireley to do that. N ot sure how I can do that without filling the engine with crap other than taking off the head, which I don't mind doing if i have to.
  9. Please suggest methods of removing a stuck spark plug the engine is not in the car i dont have welding or gas equipment. electyrode is broken away, and plug spanner has no purchase on the plug, which is pretty much rounded now with all my efforts. My thought is to remove the head and drill from underneath. edit: engine is sat at 45 degrees now, with the plug aperture full up with WD 40 to give it the best chance of seeping through/
  10. sold advertised now, i can bring to S Yat if anyone wants it https://www.adverts.ie/parts-accessories/weber-carb-ford-sierra-granada-other-pinto/33890711?notification=58b600863d23d9235be8a5add5846b13-1716231996 The alternator i'm keeping as it's a standard Bosch unit, straight swop on to the Cortina.
  11. that's why I'm asking. I don't need any of the bits, so I'm planning on selling them if I can. Just keeping the block and cylinder head.
  12. initial look at the engine and the carb is a Weber so i might be able to use it , i don't know what spec it is as yet, maybe someone can tell. EDIT i think it may be a 28/30 dfth. would there be any advantage using this on my Cortina ? currently has a new 34ICH on it.. Edited just now by norton
  13. that's how i'll advertise the bits then , with "and other PINTOs" added. I have no need for the carb or alternator and i'm not sure i can use the flywheel/clutch, although people have told me I could, so I'll sell all them off if I can, and keep just the block and cylinder head intact against future need.
  14. what does FKT mean?
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