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  1. Hi Greg, have tried to upload picture, but unable as message says ...“can only upload upto 153.6kb”.. the picture is nothing special as regardss size, I’m obviously doing something wrong...what do I need to do? Alternatively send me your email address cheers Gary
  2. Hi Greg, I was looking through my old photo album, and found a few pics of cars i drove, and looked them up to see if they were still on the road or had Mot history etc, & your car came up TNC 88X...... i drove it brand new & was my demonstrator at Quicks.... I will dig out the 2 photos and post them on the forum if interested? i also had another Carbodies, TNC 750X, as my demonstrator afterwards, and had it for a long period, which it was nice in the summer, but not in the winter! it was a Dark Gold colour, and I think we sprayed the lower half a light gold colour, in a bid to create interest. cheers Gary
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