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  1. The originals have some type of fabric on it but here i Finland I have found black, blue, red and silver that are some plastic/rubber type which otherwise is very similar to the originals but more long-lived.
  2. Hi Consul315. Your eyes are not fooled you: when I checking closer they have those 3 dimples. But that serie I have today don´t have it if I remember right. But have I sold that serie or do I have 8 of those..? I have a lot of different Ford wheels Miniltes 8", 7", 6,5" magnesium, Supelite 6", Barezza 6", Compomotive 5,5", Mistral 7" and 5,5" , Lotus 5,5" RS 5,5" 5" 4,5" 1600E, 1600E reblicas 5,5" and 5" and originals 4,5" 4" 3,75"... rims everywhere. Ithink I have to take a general cleaning of my barn and clear up the whole building, but there is so much stuff...
  3. Yep, they look right and not so expencive. I will try to fit 8" ET 0 Minilte (real ones) on my GT63 race car with 215/50R13 Kumho tires. It seems to work at the front but how is the rear...
  4. Uuuh, I have to learn to read properly; the prize was for four wheels, not for one...
  5. They are 5" Escort MK2 but I don´t know if I have that serie left but I have a similar serie with winter tyres on.
  6. Okay, thanks fore the link . But huh... so expensive. I can get 4 original 4" made to 7" for that prize of what one of those costs. I bought last year 4 8" Minilites little used for about 500 € to my racing Cortina. The 5,5" and 6" are little more cheaper. But small series will always cost more..
  7. Okay, same as here then. Those LED H4 that I bought was as normal H4 and have the right "light picture" for LHD and of course beam, "full and half light" as we say it in swedish. But I don´t know if these ones have the ability to change them to RHD, haven´t tried it for some reason. But they are almost same looking as those in your link. Those Lotus wheels replica have a little strange looking centre of the wheel compared with the original ones, but are they only 6" or is it possible to find 7" too?
  8. The following spring (1991) my MK1-64 looked like this after some uppgrades: New 7" Supelite wheels with 205/60R13 rubbers and to get them fit I had to change the rear axle back to the original one but wiht level arms welded to the original axle and of course 9" rear brakes. And to cut away some metal from the rear wheel edge.. At front I had to take away those MK2 struts and level arms and I putted MK1 ones with diskbrakes, fitted with GT MK2 brakes and doubble front coilsprings (!). That extra smaller spring I took sooner away because it didn´t do no good, on the contrary it only disturbed the upper springplates. So now the axles was more original and the car became different to drive.... ...but it wasn´t really as I wanted, it was a bit tricky with those rims and minus offset... I hade to figure out what to do, but.. Before that an other Cortina got in the way and became my, later my wife´s, everyday car for some years, this one: A 1500 DeLuxe 1965, white with red interior. It was our engagement gift to ourselves. We bougt it 28.12 1989 and we engaged us 1.1 1990 at 00:01 in front of a big Hammond organ in a Metodist Church. It was the only restful place we found that night... I drove this one as my everyday car that spring, after that smash I hade with my vine red -64 on the Ice track earier only a few mounth after it was fixed and painted, so this picture was just before I stopped use that -64 MK1 in the wintertime. Then it beacame that facelift ones turn to get some facelift, but later about that.. More to come of the summer 1991 and the MK1 -64 with it´s uppgrades. See ya
  9. But Johnny, are LED H4 legal in UK? Most of the aftermarket LED lights aren´t legal here, only those witch have an "E" and "CE"-marking. Where have you found your "Lotus" rims and how wide are they?
  10. When we drove home from Stockholm on the nightboat back to Finland we oversleeped and woken up in the last minute an rushed to the car deck on the boat and drove ashore little to fast that the exhaustpipe jammed in the driving ramp and got much noisier. And guess if the custom noticed us... They took us aside and the noisy Cortina in to a garage and we had to go to a locked room and wait for something. The Finnish customs wasn´t the nicest those days compared to today. There we sat, 3 longhaired, dizzy, young people and didn´t understand at all what was going on. Then after a while they let us out to the car but we found some dog hair in the Cortina... the drug dog has been there. Quite strange because were totaly sober when they tested us and two of us don´t drink at all. But we all three looked fuzzy and hippie-like and had woken up only 5-10 minutes earlier... This was the results of the of the final 340 km to home. We changed driver and my girlfriend slept in the back seat and was halfsleeping in the front when I heard some "klingklingkling"-noice from the engine and looked up what was going on: The speedo was on 160-170 km/h and my friend had just overtaken an old Toyota Corolla that didn´t let him pass.. I screemed to stop the engine and drive to the side and he did so. We started the enginge and it didn´t work properly on all cylinders anymore and "klinged". I pushed the trottle once an then the "kling" dissapeared. We had still 90 km to go. I jumped angry behind the wheel and drove home with 3½ cylinder, bluesmoking Cortina. The funniest was that I drove over 700 km before I had time to do something to the engine. And even did a 30 meter long left turning burnout with two spinning rear wheels before I spun around on 3½ cylinder. That engine was fast and powerful but held together in only 8800 km... So here I´m swap engine because one pistoring had broke and destroed the piston and the cylinder wall. The wallet was quite empty after the Swedish trip so I had to use stuff that I found in my garage. The "new" engine or bottom end was from my MK2 GT that had "broken" earlier. It was only a valve that was damaged but I found some 1300 pistons with usable pistonrings and putted new bearings. The cylinderhead from the tuned engine was ok so I used that one. The camshaft was original GT so it worked quite well and was nice to drive. It wasn´t as fast as the first one but much easier to drive with better fuel consumption. The other needed over 3500 rpm before something started to happen and was tricky to drive in city traffic and wanted up to 20 litres on 100 km. My Focus need only 5 l on 100 km today... Evolution..? Our new Swiss friend sent us some pictures of his and some of his friends Cortinas from over there to me after the Cortina meeting. Here is his GT -65, taken in june -86... ...and a MK2 Transit in the background.. ... STW 1965 -66 in july -87 ...the DL that he drove to Sweden with, and two LotusCortinas, -65 and -64 in october -86... ...and finally two 1962-63 DeLuxe waiting for the future, poor cars in that high grass.. That all for this time Cheers!
  11. Oh thanks D-FENS! The meeting when i finally got my camera (or was it my late parents one..?) I took some pictures of those cars that hadn´t left. This is a -68 Lotuscortina LHD and with twin brake servos because from 1968 all Cortinas in Finland and Sweden had dual brakesystems. The owner have a MK1 or two and with one he had won the FIA European Historic Touringcar Championship. Here is another MK2 Lotus -70 but the TC wasn´t ready yet so it had only a 1600 GT engine at this moment. In the background an untuched 1500 GT -67 and a 1600E 2D -70. And some Ford Taunus or 17M, 20M or 26M, P3, P5 and P7 in the background. The 2 door 1600E had still same owner for two-three years ago. I remeber when he did some uppgrades on the 1600E and widened the rims to 7", putted twin weber 40 DCOE:s, better exhaust manifold and a pointerless distributor and got 105 horses from the original 88 engine spec. Okey, the wheels didn´t affect on the power... But it became really cool with it. Another nice original 1600E 4D 1970... A few GT:s. They put my "Lotus style" -64 with the GT:s because the organizers didn´t really know what it was: A tuned 1600 Xflow with two DCOE-Webers, MK2 brakeservo, Lotus style dashboard etc. The last one was a GT but changed to a Lotus with TC engine, dashboard and all Lotus stuff. All GT:s, exept for GT-63, has crome list on the sides that are sold new outside of UK. Super have the too but they have little different shape or profile. This was the first ever GT-64 I have seen. In Finland Ford sold at first only 1200 DeLuxe 2 or 4 D and some -64 estates. A few -64 GT come here too but when the facelift came Ford took more GT:s, 1500 DeLuxe and 1200 Standard and from late -65 15 LotusCortinas mk1 and 3 MK2 -67. Rest of the Finnish LotusCortinas are privately imported about 10-15 overall over the years. Ford Finland had an own rallydivision here in Finland 1964 with 3 GT-64 that later was changed to facelift ones with different chassiesnumber but with same registration numbers. Some of them became even Lotus and competed with in rally and racing in the -60:th. Weather was really brittish, cold and rainy, and the guy in the foreground with the umbrella came all the way from Switerland. I thought we will win the prize for longest run but not this time, He and his girlfriend had twice as long trip that we had. He was little unhappy because somewhere just before he arrived the bonnet flew up and became bent. It was the dark green MK1 with lighter green "Lotus stripe" on the side, a really god looking car. This was my first Cortina meeting ever and the following day we went to a castle with some of these Cortina friends. More will come because the trip home didn´t go quite as on rails...
  12. Hi there! Yes, we have a lot of darknes in the winter time, but here where I live and more north of the northern polar circle we see the whole sun 24/7 in the middle of the summer. Here in the middle part of Finland we have no proper darks between the end of may and to end of july. But with this hobby cars hobby the worst time is october-december and mars-april when it is freezes and melts about each other and they put tons of salt on the road that will not be so slipery. It´s better in the north Finland, Lapland. You could guess if the cars will start to rust. Most of the hobby cars "sleeps" in the winter time, maybee some day whe the weather is nice and colder than -5 deg celsius (they don´t but out salt when it is colder than that) we could take them out for a sunday ride or mesing around on a icetrack. But back to the dark, we don´t have any kangaroos here or the smaller ones but we our mooses and they have no traffic sense. And to crasch with a moose in a old car it is a risk of dying, especially with large males with large horns. And the the deers, but they are smallers so the only splits the car as rabbits aslo do. But for many years I almost drove over a lynx in the middle of the day and that´s very unusual to see them wander around in the villages in daytime. But any polar bears we don´t have (some people from USA belive that...) only normal brown bears. Ok, again I fell of fthe red line... One problem with H4 are that they are 55/60 W and the original "duplo" are 40/45 or 45/50 W. When using a H4 the lighting switch goes quite hot because of the higher woltage and burns the lighting switch. In our Cortina GT65 we putted H4 but with LED H4. The are much kinder to the switch and shines much better, but are not legal for road use here...
  13. Thanks Johnny! Yes, it grows on other places nowdays. But I had even longer hair later, little like a hippie! But cut it away in the summer 2001 because my forehead started to be so high or long... or how you are saying.. Nothing grows on gemstones Before the army I had long hair too but the they made it curly that looked like a blond Jimi Hendrix.... Musican of course, I´ve been playing guitar since -77, bass since -78, drums -79, little piano -76 but -83 organ and piano and harp since -87. Then messing around on contrabass, trumpet and mandolin. Playing in bands since 1980, starting in a punkband playing Sex Pistols and The Clash, then it became "The new wave of the Brittish Heavy Metall". I like Purple, Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Sabbath (not so much Ozzy and Blackmore) but even Beatles, blues, boogie rock and so on... But these old Fords is still a bigger hobby thought I continue bandplaying, at the moment in a Bluesrock band. Yep, I have still a lot of photos taken over the years. I´m still only of the beginning of the 90:th More to come later, see ya!
  14. Aaaa, thank´s for the language lessons. Those side flasher wasn´t common in many cars in those days and became compulsory first at 1985 here in Finland. To be honest they are quite odd-looking in my eyes... Sorry, for my opinion in that case. Then those sealed beem headlamps isn´t so good choise but isn´t it possible to find 7" headlamps for H4 that are made for the RHD cars? I have memorys of that I, in my work, had cheched import-cars from UK that had H4 and dips on the "wrong" side for our traffic here... Now I remeber; it was Carboddies, the Brittish taxi and from -96 and they had those headlamps for RHD and H4´s. A normal 7" that fits in our favorite cars. It was a quite long story with those headlights in that car. From 30.6 1995 the headligts have to be adjustable or adjustable rear suspension because of how much the rear end will go down with weight in the back and how the headlamps starting to dazzle oncomming traffic. This particular car was from 1996 and it was impossible in a normal way to fix those old-fashioned head lights to be adjustable. So at first we, in the MOT inspection station, had to turn off all lights in the building, put the the taxi in a certain distance to a wall, draw a line on the wall where the light image is. Then we had to get a number of people to get in to the taxi in the back seat as many as possible and then take a look where the light image ended up... Finally we had to try figure it out how much all these peoples weighs... Guess if all this it ended up in a big laugh when we also tried to do this seriously. But the results was that the had to put adjustable rear shocks because it was the easiest way... But the customer did it all so wrong it could be; they put the shocks up side down, forgot the air compressor, connected it wrong in everyway possible way, but finally they got it right so they had only to put the normal "right side on the road" headligts. But the whole this took a ½year to get passed. Okay, this was little beside the whole thing but I´m quite sure that it will be possible to find the right headlamps for H4 and RHD. I´ve seen the here i Finland and we have LHD´s cars. I even have some ones that don´t have any tips at all, but they aren´t so good anymore.. Is it hard for You get those to your Corsair from UK?
  15. Hmm... Johnny, I´m not sure but could your fathers cars have something to do with it...? If I should follow my late parensts car choices... hum, huh.. it should be a German Adam, Chinese shoe box, Russian freak, French bread and a bundle of Russian Italian copies... But I bought a Hitler´s revenge. But then I saw the light and the Ford Cortina. I think everyone had heard that Ford stands for Fix Or Repair Daily and if you have a Ford you have such a hell on earth that you have a free ticket to the heaven. So now me and my family have a lot of free tickets to heaven after 37 years that we have had Fords. In may 1990, just before my fiancee and I are going to Sweden for our first Cortina meetings i our lives, the MK1 was looking like this (and a 23-year-old lad..) Trip from Vasa in Finland to Turku (Åbo), 340 km, then with the ferry over to Stockholm (or Kapellskär) that took about 9-10 hours. It was a night boat that we slept on it. Early in the following day we arrived to Sweden and took a brake and our friend continued on to visit his mother in Uppsala and we stopped so I could put some tapes on the headlights as a real racing car. My fiancee and her friend had already fixed those numbers on the doors and bonnet. If I remember right we came early on friday morning and the Cortina meeting was on saturday so we went to visit some of my cousins and other relatives I have there. All of them had moved from Finland to Sweden in the -50, -60 and -70th and all swedish speakin Finns. But when we were driving arond there the weather was rainy for the most of the time and the windshield seal starting to leak allmost as a smaller waterfalls and of course right in front of the field of view. Saturday morning we picked up our friend from the railwaystation starting to drive to Skokloster, an old chateau, where the meeting were. But before that we had to wash our leaking Cortina from all travel dust and rain drops and found small service station just before skokloster. The sun was starting to shine a little bit, the Cortina was nice and clean, everything looked good, we (or I) were agog and drove the last few kilometers when the sky opened up again in a big way... Finally we arrived and I was allmost in ecstacy of all those Cortinas in same place at same time, despite the weather. But it took a long time before I finally got the camera picked up and a third, allmost half of the cars had left before that. More picture will come from those cars that I got pictures of, if interest still exists...
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