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  1. Consul315: When I look on my old pictures memorys starting to come ahead but in my case I do still have many of my Cortinas from those days, in different shapes of course, but... Johhny boy: It is a great build thread you have and lots of work you have done on that car. I think I could find some history of your car with the chassis number in my work. Did you have had conact with Jason Holland in Koskin Import here in Finland? But Jason is an Englishman that live in Finland and have a finnishspeaking wife so language problem...? Okay, maybe if the seller was a swedishspeaking finn, as I am, if the seller couldn´t speak english so... But anyway, if you could send me the number privately I could check it if i find something. I work in the finnish MOT so I have some availability to some stuff.... If will soon come some mory stories
  2. Johnny Boy, from where or who did bought your Cortina, Koskin Import? Do you have the Finnish registration number too? Many of our Cortinas has left the country the last 10-15 years and they are starting to be rare here, especially good ones... But I hope you have a good one and keep it in a good shape. Finnish sold Cortinas are all with heavy duty chassis with extra leaf in the rear suspension, extra steel panels and pieces in critical places in the bodywork. Same thing with the Norweigan ones but not the Swedish versions. Back in times we had so bad roads... Do you have some picture of it? I maybe have seen it when it was here. Henrik
  3. Neil, you must be the same age as I, I was 15 1982...
  4. Hi all! When I grew up we didn´t have any Fords or Beetles. My cars choice had come from some... God knews. When I grew up my parents had a Opel Kadett Caravan, Toyota Corolla, Moskvitsch Elite 1500 STW a really bad car that they changed quite soon to a Simca 1000 GLS (-73). Then 3 Lada`s, 1500SL, 1600 and 2107 and finally two Lada Samara 1500 and 1500 sedan. The last one wasn´t either a good one, else was the Ladas quite strong. Okej, back to the real things. In june 1986 I saw a sales advertisement in our local newspaper of two Cortina MK1, a -66 and -64, in at a car dealer. In the late summer/autumn 1985 when I drove my MK2 GT my eyes had opened more and more for Cortinas and saw inter alia a burgundy/wine-red MK1 with some nice strange hup caps and quite high in the rear (those days style left from the 70th). That particular MK1 got suck in my head. After I saw the sales ads I went to checked them out and to my great suprice the MK1 -64 was the particular one that caught my attention the summer before. And it was even little cheaper than the other MK1. The -66 was a pale lagoon 1500 DL original, quite booring one that wasn´t as interesting as the other one. Finally I bought it just before midsummer -86. It was different in many ways, it shouted all the time and ate fanbelts even thought I tightened them. One day i started to figuring out why and putted on the ignition, lifted up the bonnet and got a funny suprice: The dynamo spinned on as an electric motor! I didn´t understand how it was possible! But when I turned of the ignition it didn´t do it anymore after that. Guess if I a looked like a question mark, and I din´t understand why i did so. When I bought it someone had change the battery to a typical standard one that is shorter and wider than the original and connected the ground to the minus pole and the positive to the starter motor. That person didn´t knew that these cars had positive earth, witch I didn´t know eiter. Many years after that I figured it out what really happened then; When I putted the ignition on I gave electric current to the dynamo long enought that it changed polarization from plus ground to minus ground. It was lucky that it was an dynamo. But over the years I´ve been changed 7 alternators/dynamos and 8 startermotors (and 5 engines, 4 gearboxes and 2 rear axles and millions of rubbers...) on that poor -64. It is a 1200 DL but someone had change the engine to a 1500 with 1200 cylinderhead and no thermostat. Then someone else had putted a facelift mask/grill on it and cutted away the ends of the that it will fit to the prefacelift layout and it had also had a front spoiler. That was the reason why no front bumpers didn´t exist on it. The dashbord was made to a -62-63 style with the long speedometer and lot of surface putty on it. But there was two strange "ears" on each side that I didn´t understand what they was there for... This is the oldest picture of the first MK1, from autumn -88 when I have started to fix it as should orginally be but as a Lotusreplika. I drove it for a year (1986-87) before I had to go the army and learned more and did modifications and so on. One day in the winter when I should turn in to "my" street and had a speed of about 60 km/h ( 37-38 mph), touched the brake pedal the car turned in 90 degrees to my "homestreet" without that I even didn´t turn the steering wheel and still had a speed of 45 km/h (28 mph)... Maybe I should do someting to the front 8" drumbrakes. I had narrow origal rims at the front because everyting else jammed in to the McPherson strut and longer wheelbolts and spacers wasn´t so common in that time. Burnouts didn´t work with the MK2 GT with the high rear suspension, even if I putted bolts thru the whole engine mounts that gets lots of ugly noice into the car. But with this MK1 it suceeded the first time and the right rear wheel spinns as it should but the second time it felt the same but the smell was far away the same... and not so easy to get the clutch keepeng the speed.. My and my dad towed it to my school, I was in the car mechanic line, after that I had remowed the gearbox at home an adjusted the clutch cover, not changed the plate with result that it didn´work at all after that. How stupid could I be!! I remowed that gearbox 4 times in the same week and the last time was an hour before the school closed before the weekend and I had to get it finished and out of there. It was allready ready but when I pushed the clucth pedal the "halfmoon" behind the antitramp bearing fell of... I remowed it, fixed the "halfmoon" and putted it back in 50 minutes with normal tools, no air ones. The only help I got was with the 4 bolts of the propshaft. Execpt those funny front brakes one of the front shocks started to freeze when it got too cold and jammed in the bottom that made imposible to drive with. In the same winter I bougth two other Cortinas from chap in my class had used them playing around on the ise with them and they became spare cars. This was the first one, 1500 DL -67 with a broke propshaft that I putted into pieces quite soon after i got it. I do still have it´s engine, front axle, dashboard and some other small parts from it. From this car I took the lower level arms and the whole Mcpherson stuts and putted them on the MK1 -64 instead of the original drumbrake system that started to jam and the frozen shock arbsorber. It was almost bolt on and the front track became a lot wider than the rear. It looked little funny but worked quite well, especially when I bought and putted on 5" rostyle type Capri wheels under it. The other spare car is this, a 1200 STD (!) from -66 and only with 85 000 km (52800 miles) on the clock. It wasn´t actually not so bad but dented allmost everywhere. I still not understand why I didn´t take the front suspension from this car to my wine red one but I putted it in peaces later, after my 11 mounth army period. I sold the engine to an army guy and took it with me int he army bus in the South Finland. I sold the front suspension to an friend that had a DL -63. The body is not left but most of the other stuff tha didn go to the -64 when fixed it. I used it when I sometimes drove to the army garrison and once tha camshaft chain broke just when I arrived. I had just driven over 430 km (329 miles) and as fast 160 km/h (99,44 mph) as fastest... An other time, at 135 km/h (84 mph) in third gear, I blew the headgasket so hard that even the cooler blew up in a big way that all the water blows out between the front wings and the bonnet. Then I still had 350 km left, but got it towed a small distance to a service/gas station where I left it. That wasn´t all, because my right foot wasn´t ok from an accident earlier in the same week, I hitchhiked home, got new headgasket, dugget out a other cooler and went by bus andthe last trip i hitchhiked to the service station. Then I slep in the car and 5-6 o´clock I changed the broken stuff and drove then back to the army place. My foot didn´t like it... Fools like mee may have good guardians angels. An other time when I got a free weekend from the army I changed the cylinderhead to an 1500 one, I had allready put a 302 deg cam with 10.4 mm lift, GT inlet manifold and carburettor, but only with the original cast iron exhaust. But now at the same time I took MK2 GT exhaust manifold and made it to fit with 1500 GT inlet manifold at the 1500 head. Now got much more torque, revs and power. The same evening one friend wanted to test it and we got out from the garden when the main electric cable from the dynamo jammed into the extractor manifold and the car stopped and a white, discusting smelling smoke came out of the dashboard. Off with the power and we run out and lifting up the bonnet and all the cables was in fire! Luckily it was winter and snow everywhere so we put out the fire with snow, but it had to be towed to my place and I fixed the electrical system when I had leave from the army a week later. Then worked properly for a some time when a piston ring broke. That was the last point for the summer after my army period the MK1 -64 was not in use 1½ year when I started to fix as more original BUT as a Lotus replica. I abused my parents Lada 2107 1500S during that time. I had learned a lot of Cortinas, both GT:s and Lotus and a -64 Lotus was now my big dream. When I finished the welding, fixing and so on the -64 looked like the this with the MK2 front axle and GT -67 rear axle with those radius arms. New paint, GT MK2 brakes, 1600 with new twin Weber 40 DCOE, 302 deg camshaft with 10.4 mm lift etc. This was the dash layout but still quite dusty after the "renovation". I had to search for quite lot of stuff that was missing and got lot of spare parts when dove around here and there and emptied people´s barn and garrets. Most of them were only happy get rid of the Cortina "junk" and I got most of it for free. My fiancee started to join me with the servicing of the Cortina and learned for instance even to change contact brakers and piston rings (!) Here is one of the first time after the left rear wing was painted again when one other friend with a Cortina -64 and I was playing around in a icetrack and we smashed when I reversed when we should go home... Here we are putting summer tires under it again, yes it is snow everywhere, but after the collision with my friend I took it of the road untill all snow had disapeared. We had found some other Cortinas that we started use more at that time. In this shape I used my Mk1 -64 for everyday use, but not in winter time anymore, to the spring of -91 when the following updates became relevant. Back on this last picture for this time, my late mother, who took this picture, wrote something that I had told her to take a picture when my wheels are spinning and squirts gravel and do so, this and that... but it didn´t really worked out in that way because the left wheel didn´t spinn at all, only the right one... That´s all folk´s More to come if someone isstill interested. Cheers Henrik
  5. cosul315: I have had two MK2 1500 that didn´t have 6-bolt crank, one 2731 and one 701M (!). But normally they have it as you said. But to fit the 2731 in the MK1 the cluch cover, bellhouse, is "shorter" in the MK2 with the diagram clutch. All MK1 have a little "longer" bellhouse and if you fit the diagram clutch it will work with the original MK1 system but it istn´t the best, because the angle of the clutch arm that keeps the "clutch bearing" will be quite strange. Then I don´t know how the Burtons flywheels is designed because I have almost used original stuff. But in my racing GT-Cortina -63 and racing Anglia I have used Ford Taunus/Sierra 1,6 OHC clutch cover and plate 190 mm and 20 splines and then the rest original. It´s a little stange angle on the cluch arm there too but had worked satisfying. In this picture you will see the cluch cover and clutch plate... and one original and two lighted flywheels with 4 and 6 bolts.
  6. Hi all oldschool Ford friends! To take a little step backwards from the Cortina Savage Racing-thread that I started I´ll go back to the summer of 1985 when this journey with the Blue Oval started... My actual first car was I VW Beetle that I bougt in november 1984 and started to put in pieces immediately when the snow had disappeared in the spring of 1985. But in end of june did I realized that I´ll will get my driving license after only a few weeks and the Beetle is far from finished, not even halfways... (now you can even figure out how old I am...). So, my Dad and I starting to check around to some car companies to get something else instead as long as I will get the Beetle finished. Finally it was three cars that "came on the map", one VW 1600 Tl -70 (my Dads choise), a dark green Cortina 1600 DL -69 with a longhaired red dashboard with four extra gauges, C-cassette stereo player, Wow! And then the last one; when I put me behind the steeringwheel I was sold immediately! Earlies the same spring I had some more contact with a Cortina MK2 that opened my eyes a bit for the Cortina. I did know all the three Cortina models in Finland, it was a common car back then, but not that close... A dark blue Cortina 1600 GT 1970, and the dashboard. I was so sold, all these gauges, rewcounter (that in fakt didn´t work in the beginning), oilpressure, AMP etc. This was the most expensive of all three. My father tried to get some of the other two but I had made my decision. June the second 1985 dad drove this dark metallic blue 1600 GT home. I worked hard and payed allmost half of the cars prize. Dad bargain the prize down from 6000 FMK to 4300 FMK but the we didn´t got any wintertires. This was the time when JJLehto, Salo, Häkkinen and I moved away from the gocart-tracks. Those more famous people, that really could/can drive, went over to Formula Ford 1600 and I to Formula Ford Cortina street versions in many different versions... This is the one of the very few pictures that I have on that first Cortina from -92. The original colour was Saluki Bronze. I hadn´t used it since july -86 in favor fore the next Cortina, a MK1 -64 that became one of the most important one in my Cortinalife. Behind this picture is a funny story that almost ended in tears. Here I have just loaded my selfmade trailer (a school work from the technical institute that I finished a year earlier) and my late father standing beside it, happy get rid of Cortinas and stuff that started to take little too much space my parents garden. I didn´t even clamp the GT in the trailer, only handbrake and turned front wheels was hold it in place. And as the icing on the cake the whole GT, without engine, gearbox and frontwings, was on the backside of the trailer that it didn´t got some pressure on the towbar. After a while when I got little more speed on the highroad, about 75 km/h (46,6 mph) the whole thing started to "wobbling" as... I almost ended up in the ditch before I got down the speed. The red one is a 1500 DL -67 and was one of our every day use car between 1993 -99. My oldest daughter´s first car ride was in that car. But more of that car later. So the first Cortina i used for about a year and it had a quite hard time. I drove all the time shared many stories with me. Once a screw jumped in througt the non original one choke carburettor after that I had tried to modified the airbox.... That would have been enought fix one valve seat and the valve of one inlet valve, but young, inexperienced and stupid as I was I changed the whole engine to a 1300 one that ate oil, but now with a "GT" carb. Then I lifted up the rear end, put some Capri seats in it, even the backseat. But it didn´t fit at all and was loose most of the time but it looked as a 1600E that i had seen the same summer. The loose backseat gave me also a funny reputation: "Charlie with the loose backseat"... but I got 6 people in the back of it. Poor GT, but it had survived and is in same shape today that it is in the picture and waiting to be restored, maybe with a Essex V6... More to come if someone is intrested..
  7. Okey, Thanks D-FENS! You see my Cortina hobby got wider and my wife wanted an Anglia so the Anglias came into our family in 1998. Then when our fourth kid was born and our Sierras started to to small Transits came into the picture, 2001. Then it rolled on with Zephyr MK3, Escort Mk1, Corsair and an own one, little with Capri and could maybe come a Consul Classic, we will see if the prize will be the right. But allways on the top have the Cortinas been. N.B. NOTE I WILL START A NEW THREAD WITH MORE OF THIS STUFF THAT HAVE BEEN STARTED HERE The new threads name is: "Cortina-life and Racing by Speedgroup" Hope You all will join, read and leave a commment and I left this for Savages-talk Henrik
  8. Yep, I can tell a lot more and have many pictures too but should I open a different thread with that? This was a "Savage" -idea from the begining... or should I go on with this? You all knew this forum better than me how to continue, so tell me, please! Henrik
  9. Nice to hear Tigdlo It´s was a really "Lucky Luke"-engine. The 1200 was in a halfgood shape that i didn´t want to abuse the original one. I borrowed a 1200 bottom end from a friend and putted it in pieces. An old colleague that had Twin Cam experince, helped me to clean it up and we hone it because it wasn´t so bad in the lines. I used the original STD pistons, only new rings and new bearings for the crankshaft. From the flywheel we turned or milled (what word do you use in english for that?) away about 2-2,5 kg, and from the clutch side about a 1-1,2 mm that the clutch cover will press the plate little harder. Else standard MK1 stuff in the clutch. Camshaft was a used Kent Cam 244 (290 deg. 11,35 (0,4468 inch) lift). I didn´t even adjust the camshaft, just fitted it.. That was the bottom end. The top was from a GT-65 that 38 mm inled valve (original 36 mm) and std exhaust valve. It had been used in the end of the 70th in some "cheaper rallycross class" called "jokamiesluokka" (in swedish varmansklass) a sort of "every mans class" that you have to sell your race car, if someone wanted to buy it, after the race for a prize that always was the same for everyone and every car. Mr Slow, James May, from Topgear drives in that class after Mika Häkkinen had tried to learn him to drive fast on gravel.. Then was the cylinderhead milled down 4-5 mm. I think it had double valvsprings or then was it heavy duty Formula Ford ones. But I did never check the compession ratio. Exhaust was a newbuilt FIA "1200"-exhaust for 1200 Anglias and 1200 Cortinas. They made about 15-20 of them then. It`s like GT but the second and third extractor pipes is on the "inside", not at the outside as the GT has normally. Then I made a 2" exhaust system, one walker racing silencer and the pipe came out just in front of the left rear wheel. I had a pair of Weber 40 DCOE with 30 mm choke rings and old inlet manifold for double Webers. Then I was really careful to get them in "one line" without any edges bouth inlet an exhaust. But it was a challenge to put those both together and hard with some bolts and trays i differnet thicknesses... Those olds inlet manifolds aren´t the easiest to play with. Distributor had some other springs for the weights but else original in good condtion distributor. Original mecanical fuelpump, lines and fuel tank. That funny little stove gave 71,8 hp on the Cortina rear wheels. How much it was in the engine was aproximately 85-90 horses. Quite good fore that type of tuning. It wasn´t even balanced but revsed as a fool. We putted some oil additive, Bardahl, that lowered the inner friction in the engine. It was in a really good shape when I gave the bottom end back to my friend without the camshaft some years later. The cylinderhead is still in use but now little more tuned and is in my race Anglia 1200 Super. So, hopefully you got something out of this explanation...
  10. I say the same, plug it. I have had many of those inlet manifolds and in only one it was left, not broken. In all the others it was broken, cutted of or plugged. I use the same manifolds i my racingAnglias and there I don´t have any use for it or our GT:s.
  11. In exatly this place and position this car were built... But don´t exist anymore
  12. In 2000 i drove some iceracing with the 1200 Cortina and finished 3 starts and the fourth I got some minor electrical problem that it stopped. But it a good luck for me because the oil cap had flew away. But with standard gear ratios and final gear I had to give it all revs it brings in the second gear before I but in the third and the fourth i didn´t use for the whole day.. In the summer, in july the same year, I drove my secound "normal" race with it. In practice the crank pulley broke an fly away and damaging the fan belt. I raced in two races. I was even faster than one Lotuscortina that had an ovesize engine but else a standard one. The 1200 was suprisingly fast in the corners without difflock, funny, almost original lowered suspension. And the weight wasn´t so bad 781 kg, with innerroof, no plexiwindows, rust protection still left under the floor. Quite a lot of understeer but manageable. Later same year I found the GT63, or better to say, the remains of it from a friend in Sweden. In those days you wasn´t allowed to do replicas, you couldn´t do a GT from a Deluxe. The model had to be the original. I started to build the second race Cortina, a GT. But I had to sacrifice the 1200 for it, and finally I had to use the whole bodyshell for the GT. The end of the 1200 DL. But I have an other 1200 that I have starded to build a few years earlier but int needed more welding than this and when this one came in my way the other 1200 remained standing. More in next chapter if someone is interested.
  13. I have had that one and a IS fastback with 2.0 DOCH. My oldest boy use a 30 year old Scorpio STW 2,0 DOCH for every day use at this moment. Hi got bored of his fronwheel drive GHIA Focus.. I liked those engines because they wasn´t so thirsty and nice to drive.
  14. Hi! That 6 bolt with less teeth, same as original, fits. Clucth and starter should fit to. But the main problem is in the crankshaft how big the hole in the bearing is for the gearbox, the input shaft. You have to check that first what size, diameter the gearbox have at that axle and then try measure the deeper hole in the bearing in the crankshaft. It´s could be possible to swich/change those bearings to get it right. 120E have a bronze bushing there and 2731 have bearing with small rolls there. // Henrik (Henry in english)
  15. Yeee, here is two of the 1200 DL. Those are my oldest daughter and youngest son behind our Sierra 2,0 DOCH carb version playing with cars..
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