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  1. Have my mk4 2.3 ghia for sale.
  2. Any advice on where to buy the rubber grommet - where the speedo cable goes through the bulkhead. Have looked on ebay but none about. Thanks.
  3. Thanks all. I had an Oops moment with my gearbox. Its been outside in the weather before I got it, and the release bearing assembly was stuck onto the shaft. I took the bellhousing off, in order to get behind the bearing to tap it forward, and this happened (hamlet cigar moment). I really did not hit it that hard. Now I am looking for a replacement - has anyone one to sell (for a mk1 1200 gearbox) Thanks.
  4. All - just cleaning up a mk1 1200 gearbox, - when I got through all the decades of grime I can see remnants of a dark green colour. Was this the original colour coming from the factory, or maybe it was a colour used from an gearbox re-conditioner?
  5. Hi - A question for mk2 anoraks. A guy was selling a good un cracked mk2 deluxe steering wheel at a local autojumble. He said it was not the regular type, but a rare 'deep dish' one. I could not see that it was any different to a standard deluxe wheel - and I never heard that there was another version. Just curious was there a deep dish version.
  6. Its a 1970 1300 deluxe saloon with a 1600GT fitted.
  7. Wanted back exhaust box for mk2 cortina - or advice on where I can purchase one. Thanks.
  8. Own my mk2 1300 deluxe since 1988 - that's a long time.
  9. Looking for complete standard exhaust for my mk2 deluxe. Any recommendations on where to source. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, Just looking for a pic of the support bar that bolts to the bottom of the GT inlet manifold, and at the bottom to one of the engine mount bolt holes. I want to make one up, so a pic of the real thing would be great. Thanks.
  11. I would like to go 1 step up from GT spec - whatever that may be. Will check the A2 spec.
  12. Thanks all - engine is currently standard 1500 from a mk1. It will be getting a freshen up and cam upgrade. It will be running weber DCD and 4 branch manifold and will be going into my son's 105E Anglia. Head / valves staying standard for now.
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