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  1. Looking for a very good with no corrosion passenger side front door outer handle wirh horizontal key slot if anyone has one for sale? It's for an early mk3 cortina. Thanks Alistair.
  2. Thanks everyone for help, I now have this part.
  3. Hi (Soz don't know your name) Thank's for offer but Craig sent one up for me, very grateful for offer which I would of taken you up on otherwise. Regards Alistair.
  4. Looking for a good leak free mk3 washer bottle for a MK3 pfl base model. (The type operated by footpump that lives on osf inner wing in a carrier bracket) I saw the one on Ebay but it has a hole in it and no use. Cheers Alistair.
  5. Thanks everyone involved, I have now managed to source the choke cable for my car.
  6. Hi 107 me, yes can I buy it please?
  7. Almost new twin 40s and pre xflow mechanical raceline manifold. £500. Came with engine I bought but changed to throttle bodies. Post to UK only.
  8. If its originally a 1200cc shell the xmember at the tail of gearbox will be bolt on as the 1200cc had longer gearbox. If its originally a 997cc the xmember will be welded as part of body shell.
  9. Mk3 pre face lift choke cable wanted. Nos or good 2nd hand, my ones broken where it attaches to steering column. Thanks Aly.
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