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  1. BG window louver for mk4... very similar to autoplas. Bought this a few months ago but house move means I've lost my shed and am getting hassle from the Mrs for storing it in my little girl's bedroom ha Generally good condition but missing the clips.. easy enough to make. Previous owner used some kind of black mastic to attach it and theres still some residue of this but it picks off easily with your fingers. £200. Im in Fife and can take it as far as the border or up to aberdeen as I'm there a lot anyway. Prefer not to post but may look into it if there's interest.
  2. lol we'll have to park next to each other at the shows this year. Twins! This is mine, and I'm over in Fife:
  3. No price puts most buyers (including me !) off. If you give a figure you'll get more interest.
  4. CortinaDave

    mk5 cortina

    PM Sent :cheers:
  5. Lovely car John ! I hate having nae money!
  6. CortinaDave

    Mk 5 2.0 Ghia

    This one? http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/49105-1980-mk5-20-ghia/page__p__430928__fromsearch__1#entry430928
  7. For me its just that there's still plenty of mk5s about. Mk4s are properly thin on the ground now so I hate to hear of a clean good spec one getting banger raced.
  8. Oh just noticed its a Mk5 - Thought it was a Mk4. Thats OK :lol:
  9. Sad to hear a clean Ghia's getting raced :tears: Don't mind when they're rotten.
  10. Wow this one must have gone downhill a lot if its at the stage of getting raced. Saw it a good few years ago at a show and was drooling. Always thought it would make a great daily driver with the fuel injection setup and leccy windows etc. Wanted to own it but it always had a knack of being for sale when I was skint. The previous owner was on here a couple of months ago asking if anyone knew what had happened to it. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/52248-mk4-ghia-tno449r-anyone-know-of-it/ Was a cool motor back in the day B)
  11. Yep that was the company I bought from - The kit is really good and comes with the wing decals.
  12. Brilliant to see a proper 2.3S come out of the woodwork. My 2.0S is going for a respray so hopefuly will get round some shows next year after lying idle getting rusty for a few years. I found a place that has remade the full S side stripe kit which was all that was putting me off the respray really - didnt think I'd be able to get the S logos etc again but as it is they were only about 25 quid.
  13. CortinaDave

    1972 gxl

    It was immaculate until two years ago when it got sold ( for three grand!) to an idiot.. since then someones flogged the interior and theres been numerous dodgy repairs before duffus01 bought it and its fallen on hard times. I doubt its beyond redemption though.
  14. CortinaDave

    1972 gxl

    How many GXLs do you have that dont have an interior?? I've saved that car twice from folk that have wrecked it and made sure it went back on the road, so it sucks to see it scrapped for the sake of making a few hundred quid that gets forgotten in a month. This is why I won't part with the 2.0S, once they're out of your hands theres sod all you can do if the buyer decides to smash them up in a banger race or break them to make money on the parts and ID. Hard to watch happen on a car you owned for a decade.
  15. CortinaDave

    1972 gxl

    I can't believe you're breaking my yellow GXL :( I had that car for a decade. And its a 71... one of the very earliest left with the centre roof light etc. Gutted.
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