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  1. BG window louver for mk4... very similar to autoplas. Bought this a few months ago but house move means I've lost my shed and am getting hassle from the Mrs for storing it in my little girl's bedroom ha Generally good condition but missing the clips.. easy enough to make. Previous owner used some kind of black mastic to attach it and theres still some residue of this but it picks off easily with your fingers. £200. Im in Fife and can take it as far as the border or up to aberdeen as I'm there a lot anyway. Prefer not to post but may look into it if there's interest.
  2. no the front chin spoiler. From the X pack. proper cortina.. not a granada one
  3. I have a genuine X pack spoiler which I bought brand new old stock in the Ford bag a decade ago. it was fitted to my 2.0S for a few months then the car was put off the road and its been sat in tbe garage since. its in great nick as a result - holes were drilled in the bottom for bolts to fit it at the time. Any idea of value? Im loathe to sell it but my daily has died and I need to raise cash to replace it fairly urgently so I might let it go... anyone interested?
  4. It does annoy me and I think racers need to move on. The old argument of "racers provide parts " becomes much less valid when the numbers are getting to the point that there's few cars still on the road that can actually use those parts. I really don't get why they won't stick with £50 Vectras and Mondeos etc which everyone can enjoy watching wrecked as there's so many of them. It's just bloody mindedness by the racers and I think they enjoy winding us all up. It's human nature I suppose. however it is what it is and short of legislation banning racing on enviro grounds it's not going away so we just have to take it on the chin... The more you let it annoy you the more cortinas they'll find to race. I've spent money saving cortinas in the past and sold them on at a loss only for them to get raced a year or so later anyway so ive stopped bothering about it. It is what it is. The stealing of cars though is inexcusable and I do think these one make events are to blame for reasons said by others on this thread. IF any of those cars show up at the event today, let's hope the old bill throw the book at the culprits.
  5. Theres a mk5 S in this NZ vid from the 90S
  6. £200 for a shot of what was probably a £50 car back in 1982 or whenever was a bit of a result for the owner back then :thumbup: Anyone tried running the reg through the DVLA? I can't quite make out the first part on that pic
  7. lol we'll have to park next to each other at the shows this year. Twins! This is mine, and I'm over in Fife:
  8. People told me I paid too much for my 2.0S - but I've had 8 years worth of fun out of it and to my mind it owes me nothing. That this looks a stunner.
  9. I'm sure this is probably well known on here but - just been watching the classic only fools episode where Del Boy sells a very tatty mk2 convertible to an Aussie guy.. With a. " FULL TWO WEEKS MOT" :-D As mk2s aren't my specialist subject - was just curious if anyone knew whether the car was a genuine Crayford? I noticed it had the pre facelift GT dials so either way at one time it would have been a tasty motor!
  10. I paid £1700 for mine in 2006. Identical to the white 14k one. At the time it was immaculate with 37k on the clock. its up to about 70k now :) I was told at the time I was a mug for paying so much for a MK4. how times change. In retrospect given how much values have risen since I probably should have locked it up in a heated garage and avoided adding to the mileage, but I've used and enjoyed it and had my value that way :)
  11. No price puts most buyers (including me !) off. If you give a figure you'll get more interest.
  12. Haven't heard a bad word about Steve Taylor's conversions from anyone, one of those rare folk everyone seems to rate highly. :thumbup:
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