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  1. Nice bit of work on the dolly 😎 Can't wait to see your car finished. Keep it going! 👍
  2. That looks great. I'd be keeping that one if it were me.
  3. What's with yer one in the back seat? Trapped wind maybe? 😀
  4. This is just a photo of my photo, not a proper scan. This is the photo I took. Bromley Pageant '93
  5. Good luck with the sale. I don't think there were ever many 2-door GXL's made. They must be thin on the ground now. I only ever saw one in the flesh. Sapphire blue too I think. I have a photo of it somewhere. I don't suppose the reg is GPP _ _ _ _ is it?
  6. Paul B

    Out n About

    So I wouldn't want to be going too deep into it then. I'll practice on the worst of my duplicates.
  7. Paul B

    Out n About

    That was always another issue... drilling the wing for the fixings and the inevitable water/crap trap. Was thinking of the stick on stuff with a foil tape around the underside.
  8. Paul B

    Out n About

    Chris, I've got the 2 trims for the boot and I've got a few arch trims too. Not a full set of those but have a duplicate or two of one of the rear ones. Anyway, they're a bit shabby in places so I've never thought them good enough to put on. Back in the day, when the car was freshly painted, I was of the mind that everything had to be like new and those trims just weren't up to it. But... I'm now in a position where A) New or very good ones are few and far between, and B) If they do come up I can't afford them. So I'd like to make my ones work. I'm looking for advice on the best way to take a bit of pitting and scratches out of them and polish them up.
  9. Paul B

    Out n About

    Thanks chaps! It's not perfect and I'm sure it never will be but I do what I can to keep it ok. Unbelievably, it was painted 27 years ago so she's hanging in there not too bad. The thing is, since that rebuild I've never got around to putting chrome wheel arch trims on or the GT bootlid trims. Must do that some time.
  10. Paul B

    Out n About

    Quite a while I'd say. Been closed a couple of months now with no signs of life. The place looks real tidy though so I thought I'd seize the moment 😀
  11. Paul B

    Out n About

    So I got out today. Not just out in the garden but OUT out... Out in the car. I stopped off at a local pub, which was closed. Great!!! I didn't want to go in anyway. Just wanted to grab a couple of sneaky photos.
  12. Yes, great story and I can't wait to see it come fully back to life. Well done! 😎
  13. Your motor always looks nice John but she looks cracking today. Great pictures! 😎
  14. Nice 👍 My advice, if it's worth anything, is to keep it. I'd love to have held on to mine but had to give in eventually. I had it stored at my mum's place in Kent but I live in Ireland these days. If I was to have exported it, I'd have to pay €1500 a year Road tax as it was the 2.9 Cosworth version.
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