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  1. That looks great. I'd be keeping that one if it were me.
  2. This is just a photo of my photo, not a proper scan. This is the photo I took. Bromley Pageant '93
  3. Good luck with the sale. I don't think there were ever many 2-door GXL's made. They must be thin on the ground now. I only ever saw one in the flesh. Sapphire blue too I think. I have a photo of it somewhere. I don't suppose the reg is GPP _ _ _ _ is it?
  4. OK, I've had another search. I found the seller I bought them from and then found this.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Universal-3-Point-Inertia-Seatbelt-with-wire-buckle-Car-Van-Coach-/324031038638 Seems like the very same item, same main photo but now has extra diagrams which I never got. Also, I bought them as a pair. These are listed singly. Good luck 👍
  5. I got them on e-bay. I've searched through my purchase history but they're no longer available. Leave it with me...I'll do some more digging!
  6. Thank you 🙂 I should have mentioned before, the reel is mounted up under the metal shelf, passes through a plastic guide and up and over the rear seat. You can just about see it in the final photo. The back rest of the seat is packed forward very slightly to give a little space for the belt to slide through. In all honesty it makes the belt slightly slow to retract (kinda period!) but operates fine the way it's meant to. I could possibly pack it forward a touch more to improve it. The whole idea for me was that it could all be returned to standard easily if need be and that I could actually take the kids out in it relatively safely.
  7. No problem. I just hope the pictures make some kind of sense. I wasn't sure what to do about the bolt which appears through the top of the plastic parcel shelf. All factory holes I might add. I didn't drill it. In the end I found something in my kit... A couple of spare seal caps from an Iveco Daily brake caliper 😀 Maybe not the best but it's OK for now, it just loosely lays over the bolt head.
  8. I used a kit that can be used at any angle and mounted the reel up underneath the parcel shelf, bolted through the metal.
  9. I fitted some to mine last year. Not great photos but can try to take better ones if you like.
  10. Paul B

    Breaking mk3

    As above. I never knew there was such a thing. I'd also be interested in seeing them.
  11. I don't need the hinges but I'd love to go and meet the guy... See how angry he is
  12. Very good point. But I guess I can wait. To be honest, I have nowhere to go in it at the moment. I may give you a shout when we're in the clear again
  13. Oh, no.... Me nob fell off! Worse still, I've now lost the nob so no chance of bodging it back together. Thought I had a spare somewhere but it would appear that I don't. So can anyone help or is it an e-bay job? (quite expensive) By the way, I'm in Ireland. 2nd pic showing the other side/colour of knob required. Thanks..
  14. John, I had the very same problem earlier in the year. Waited forever for it to arrive (got lost in post) then when it was here the stat rattled around like a d#ck in a bucket! Like you, I tried combinations of original and new parts arriving at the conclusion it's the housing at fault. On the phone Mr Burton made out I was some kinda fool for not realising you have to bend the clip to make it stay in. WTF?!!! I didn't accept that. The clip is flat coz that's how it was originally designed. The housing was designed to accept this clip and the correct washer. This arrangement has worked for years with no problem, why make it different? All they had to do was copy the original. I don't get it. Oops, I'm going on a bit. Sorry. Craig's right. Ps. I cleaned my original up in the end and refitted all original parts.
  15. I seem to have lost a bulb for one of the indicator lights on my dash. I'm not sure what they're called in order to search online and don't seem to have any in amongst my spares. So, can anyone help? Either with an interweb link or be willing to stick one in a jiffy bag over to Ireland for me. Thanks (mk3 1974 facelift)
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