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  1. John, I had the very same problem earlier in the year. Waited forever for it to arrive (got lost in post) then when it was here the stat rattled around like a d#ck in a bucket! Like you, I tried combinations of original and new parts arriving at the conclusion it's the housing at fault. On the phone Mr Burton made out I was some kinda fool for not realising you have to bend the clip to make it stay in. WTF?!!! I didn't accept that. The clip is flat coz that's how it was originally designed. The housing was designed to accept this clip and the correct washer. This arrangement has worked for years with no problem, why make it different? All they had to do was copy the original. I don't get it. Oops, I'm going on a bit. Sorry. Craig's right. Ps. I cleaned my original up in the end and refitted all original parts.
  2. I seem to have lost a bulb for one of the indicator lights on my dash. I'm not sure what they're called in order to search online and don't seem to have any in amongst my spares. So, can anyone help? Either with an interweb link or be willing to stick one in a jiffy bag over to Ireland for me. Thanks (mk3 1974 facelift)
  3. This is for a face-lift centre console, the long type with clock, tray and ending in the gear lever surround (no armrest) I think it may be 3 brackets but I don't have any. While I'm at it, I'm missing the gaitor aswell. Anyone have anything?
  4. Paul B

    MK3 2 Door Wanted

    If ever these cars get together, I promise there'll be decent photos taken :)
  5. Paul B

    MK3 2 Door Wanted

    Cool. I'll be keeping an eye out for you then :) Mine starts and ticks over great and smooth but it doesn't stop very well. No brakes at all right now due to a failed master cylinder. New one on the way though so hopefully soon I'll be out there. No plans to drive up north but you never know :) I'll be keeping it East coast for now.
  6. Paul B

    MK3 2 Door Wanted

    Hi Adam. Glad you got the car you wanted. I think you're right to change those wheels! I've owned my 2-door for almost 26 years now but had it sitting in a garage for the last 10. But I've just shipped mine over to Ireland. I'm a bit of a distance from you but mine had a similar journey I suppose. I transported it myself and the total cost was a lot more than the 400 quid mentioned earlier. But I enjoyed it anyway. So good luck with it. May see you around if you come down south :)
  7. Paul B

    Sold my GT

    I agree. Your GT was a beauty. Noticed it on e-bay but didn't meet the reserve. What did you let it go for in the end?
  8. For me, well... I was a 13 year old sat in a school classroom daydreaming about the day I would be able to drive. Well, leagally anyway :lol:
  9. Paul B


    Sent you a PM mate. I'm doing me best.
  10. Paul B


    Reply message sent. Sorry I can't be more specific about this car - I'm waiting to hear back from the (ex)owner to find out exactly where it is and for some more details. As soon as I know, I'll let you know. I wish he'd told me he was going to scrap it :ph34r:
  11. Paul B


    Hello all. I know a guy who lives up in Warrington who has had a Red Crusader on his drive for years. Sadly, the time has come (well, just gone actaully) for it to go. And go it has... to a scrapyard! I thought I'd better check on here before its too late as to whether anybody needs anything. I was thinking of something myself.... the power steering rack. But I don't live anywhere near it and really, I don't have time to do it anyway. So, the complete car is available at the moment. This chap has just gone away to France but I can still get hold of him. He would then tell his mate (who is the scrapyard owner) to save it. Anyone? PS. I haven't seen the car myself, so I couldn't say how good/bad a condition it is. Will see if I can get a photo or something.
  12. Got one of those myself. :cheers: Should arrive tomorrow hopefully. I've just gone for the standard Ford bit.
  13. 2 thumbs way up I like :lol:
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