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  1. Hi guys, My friends dad dug out a wing he found in his shed for my Granada...annoyingly its for a Cortina! Is this any good to anyone? If so i can find out what he wants for it, its a new pattern one. Or i will swap for good mk2 Granada wing. Cheers
  2. Axle and box have gone. I still have the engine but its bloody siezed :oops: I'll have to take the heads off and investigate.
  3. I will try n get up the yard on sunday n measure that axle...sorry about the delay
  4. I need to shift some stuff so for starters.... Ford 302ci V8...rebuilt and then put into storage (i have receipts for rebuild) edelbrook cam, holley carb (poss. needs rebuild) h.o. heads, moroso rocker covers, plus C4 box flywheel and torque convertor. Need it gone so £550 ono for both. I also have a narrowed 8" axle for sale
  5. ratfink

    Mk5 Panels

    My cheese sandwiches not good enough then? I did PM him a cash offer before the cheese sandwich one :) Your more local to me anyway shall i . you off instead?? :clown:
  6. ratfink

    Mk5 Panels

    Erm ok what do i have? Half a cheese spread sandwich and twix?? :cheers:
  7. ratfink

    Mk5 Panels

    Colin how much for the rail repairs? Usual price??
  8. shame...are they made in Kansas though??
  9. Are they genuine wizard of oz or copies??
  10. Look i've told you i don't need anymore size 12 stilettos! :(
  11. I've got a NOS water pump for precrossflow sat in the garage that i could do with selling...any offers? :tears:
  12. ratfink

    Still Wanted !!!!!

    u promised me the ones off the green one chris...they'll be no airbrushed fairys if you give them away :D :D
  13. ring golden days 01603 881155 He did me all the brake parts for my Mk2 consul no problem
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