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  1. Are there any Mk1 or Mk2 Crayford convertibles for sale out there? I missed one at auction just recently. Must be very good to excellent. Don't mind paying a fair price.
  2. How much including carriage to Inverness please?
  3. Urgently required for Mk1 super 1500 Exhaust system complete - mild steel if possible - stainless if not Petrol tank I would buy from any member OR can anyone give me the name of a supplier of these items - I want good used condition or new These items are urgently required
  4. Mk1 wanted - cash waiting View Advert Change of circumstances - now wanting Mk1 in order of preference 2 door GT 4 door GT 2 door Super 4 door Super De luxe 1500 (2 or 4 door) Estate (1500 De luxe or Super) Must be either original or well restored. Solid body and good mechanics. Must be Condition 1 or 2+ not necessarily concours, but presentable. No fakes, clones or daft engine swaps. Cash waiting - will pay the right money for the right car, however no silly prices please Advertiser dukespencer Date 02/26/2019 Price Category Cars Wanted  
  5. Cortina estate Mk1, 2, 4 or 5 wanted. Must be Condition 2+ or better. No Mk3's please. No 1200's or 1300's please. Cash sale. Top money paid for right car.
  6. I've given up the search for a 2-door Mk1 GT, as they are a) all ridiculously expensive or b) sold before I can get a look at them. So I am now on the lookout for that rare beast, a '65 or '66 2-door Super - preferably original unmodified or restored. I am not willing to pay silly money - so no £20k stuff please!
  7. Is it still for sale? If so do you have more pictures of the underside?
  8. What's involved in converting a LHD Mk1 to RHD. Obviously steering box and idler, instruments - anything else?
  9. Does anyone know anything about the Savage on Ebay just now - is it genuine? Why has it had no bids - I would have thought the price was OK??
  10. I am looking for a Mk1 2 door GT preferably in white. '65 or '66 i.e. aeroflow. As near standard as possible either restored or original - must be top condition. I want to swap for my Capri Mk1 5 litre perana clone - see here for details www.caledonianmsc.freeuk.com/sale.htm#capriperana Anybody interested??
  11. Is this car still for sale - if so are you interested in straight swap for Capri Mk1 Perana clone 5 litre V8
  12. I had a look at that one - check on MOT history shows corrosion in sills
  13. Has anyone out there got a Mk 4 or 5 Crayford convertible that thy would like to sell. Has to be on the road, MOT'd and in good nick
  14. dukespencer

    Mk4 3.0s

    Somehow I can't open the personal message link - Where are you located?
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