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  1. BSC Team

    mk4 ste lost account

    You may have to log out as this account, clear out your browser cache/cookies, and try again. Your browser will be confusing mk4ste and ste911. We know your account is OK so it's something at your end unfortunately.
  2. BSC Team

    mk4 ste lost account

    OK, well that's confusing as you replied on the 7th at 20:49 saying you've received the email but still couldn't log in. I advised clearing out your settings but never heard back. For obvious security reasons, details about passwords for accounts only go to the email address registered to that account.
  3. BSC Team

    mk4 ste lost account

    Are you OK now Ste? As per our chat, you've been sent confirmation of your log in name and password to the email address registered on the Mk4Ste account. This has been tested and works fine. You will probably have to clear out your cache/cookies when you try to log in as your original account as it may remember the wrong details.