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  1. The Ford Workshop manual has all the body dimensions you need, I'm pretty sure The MK2 & 1600E owners club had a proper jig but of course you need to be a member to use it, their may be a cost but not sure. Dave.
  2. Namrik I believe, my spelling of it may mot be correct, Dave.
  3. Hi, I am interested in the quarter light rubbers, a friend of mine is after a set for his 4 door and if they are for a 2 door I would be interested for myself, have you a price please. Regards ,Dave.
  4. If you identify the quarter light rubbers as 4 door a friend of mine will definitely be interested, if they are 2 door I would be interested, could you please let me know.
  5. Dual Metallising in Birmingham 01217082748. Had all dash plastic done on my very early MK2 GT and very pleased with the results.
  6. A friend of mine is after a series 2 1600e console , he needs the rear part but would buy a complete one, it must be mint , no cracks drilled holes or damage of any kind, can anyone help. Dave.
  7. FORD CORTINA SAVAGE VYP 86 G PAINT CODE. AQUATIC JADE COLOUR CODE. MAXMAYER MAXICAR FIAT 329/A (No1) VERDE CHAMPION. This is the code my paint shop found which was pretty close.
  8. Nice to meet you and your family today Mark, just a bit too much for me to take on I'm afraid but a very good project for someone, Chassis No. indicates it was shipped in kit form and assembled in the Netherlands, Good luck with the sale will make a nice car. Dave.
  9. I was told by an ex employee that Jeff Uren bought the engines as marine engines as they were cheaper, I cannot confirm this though. Are they battery cables I see in that engine bay? I thought they all had the battery in the boot.
  10. MK2 Lotus Convertible for sale, Brightwells Auction Sep 22nd. 28K from new. Estimate, 20/25K
  11. You could be right about the location Rob, I wonder who owned the Aquatic Jade one, AYP 719 H ?
  12. Listened to Rob Sargent on Chris Evans show earlier this evening, he came over very well and gave this site a mention.
  13. frodnut

    MK2 savage

    Made arrangements in the week to view this Sunday afternoon, had a phone call off the guy Sunday morning to say dont come cos it's not for sale anymore. ?????????
  14. Yes Nigel it is an E. Sounds like the mota that now lives here in Wolverhampton and I can tell you it is very very nice. This one has 80,000 Km on the clock J reg. had new exhaust, red in colour. I have some piccies of it I will try to post after the weekend as were just off to set the club stand up at the N.E.C. for this weekends show. Speak soon Nige. Dave M.
  15. could be worth trying Barry Priestman of the Crayford club too. Got a feeling that car you mention Andy finding is the one he rebuilt himself. Must be aleast 5 years ago I heard a story that he might sell for the right money, but as he still has it, I guess that one wasn't really for sale either - but it could be worth trying... As for 19? Well a few years I looked into how many were around - IIIRC we could account for the whereabouts of 15. As Magnus said, Crayford admit to building 20 of them, but its very unclear it thats 20 in total, or if its 20 convertibles plus the 3 cabriolets. All 3 cabs are still about (though 2 are in a very poor condition) - The one thats running has had the same owner for 25+ years and definitely won't be for sale. Of the convertibles, theres probably only 3 or 4 that are on the road here in the UK ATM, with others known in Norway and as far away as Japan (I think it was Japan anyway, might have been China :winner: ) I've lost track of SLR 975F - that one has changed hands a good few times in recent years, but I'm pretty sure Ron Vickers still has his in Blackpool (another that I don't think would be for sale). Very much doubt that Dave Wright would sell either There are a few others around, but all in varioius states of repair, and like mine, in need of a great deal of work SLR has just had a repaint and is finished ready for our club stand at the N E C next week. Seve Hill is the very proud owner and would not sell it for a kings ransom. I'm sure Dave Wright wont mind me saying that Steve's car is equal to his, its a cracker, Dave M.
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