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  1. Good luck with the sale Pete.. Whats come up that you are after thats special ?
  2. I should have known not to wind you up, you fight dirty :lol:
  3. It's getting a roof rack and as i'm sensertive, no calling me Bob the Builder :bleh: Come to think of it your mk1 estate would stand out with one on, i think it should be done :thumbup:
  4. Bump Still after one, i'm looking at a few lhd's but would want to change it to right hand drive, does anyone have an idea whats involved and what the cost's might be.. cheers
  5. Sold it :( But all is not lost it will be replaced with a mk2 cortina estate when i find the right one :thumbup:
  6. At the moment dave i'll see if their is anything about a little closer to home thanks for the heads up ....
  7. As the silver fox has gone to pastures new i'm after a mk2 cortina estate, im not looking for a mint example or a complete basket case just something that is useable, not interested in anything modified but would prefer a complete car. So has anybody got something tucked away that they are never going to get round to and want to part with or does anyone know someone that might consider selling one, regards nick
  8. 10 years of ownership, full restoration and a lot of good memories, sug will be going to it's new owner tomorrow.. I'll be back in mk2 ownership in the future i'm sure it's in my blood...
  9. Cosmicnick

    SUG 607G

    Not at the moment, but i wouldn't mind a mk2 estate if a decent one popped up forsale :thumbup:
  10. Cosmicnick

    SUG 607G

    All pm's replied too. My cortina will shortly be live advertised on this link for all those asking for price and pictures. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/user/ccts2015/ regards nick
  11. Cosmicnick

    SUG 607G

    I have decided to sell my 1600E which many of you know from my restoration thread and the many shows i attend, i will be advertising on Cardenal classic/ car and classic website in the next few days, dont think i could cope with ebay and what that brings with selling a car. Anybody seriously interested will do there research as i have a youtube video of the restoration, just type in silver fox 1600e. My car is not concourse but i would class it just below that catagory, im sure people will have there own opinion which i welcome. Thought it worth mentioning on here first incase someone knows someome or wants a very nice 1600e with a few slight modern modifacations. Regards Nick...
  12. I could just look at those pictures all day and it wouldn't be time wasted, stunning stuff :thumbup:
  13. Hi does anybody have a spare blank infill plastic piece that goes between the series two center console top and bottom pieces when they join together, they would part with.
  14. You can not be the buyer and the seller, all this i'm not sure what it's worth make me an offer is bullsh88t, everyone has a price in mind for what they want to sell if you dont do a bit of research it's not rocket science, and think you should be made to state it when selling on a forum like buysell, the alternative is take a chance with ebay...
  15. Brought a lump to my throat this picture, a garage should never be empty if your in the classic car world... Are we having a build thread on this V8 Tony or are you just going to roll up and surprise at a show in the future :car: dont ask me why the picture of your empty garage isn't up, ive mucked the link up ...
  16. My thoughts as well :thumbup:
  17. I wonder if he chipped him down when he bought it ^_^
  18. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/52579-mk2-cortina-estate-the-one-ford-should-have-made/page__p__461107__fromsearch__1#entry461107 If you like something a bit different...
  19. Can not wait to see this finished, your retrimmed interior is immaculate... This is going to be a Very nice car as all of your cars are john when it's finished..
  20. You were never going to have a problem selling your gxl tony, and the way you go about things your project car will be top notch as well, be able to hear you coming a mile off :car:
  21. Well you will have to take me for a spin in yours and i will return the faviour in mine then we can over a drink or three at the next show we are at discuss there merits at length :thumbup:
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