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  1. Thanks for checking Sheffield and also Kencrack fixer for the contact number, will give it a go
  2. Do you have the description of the A post panel, I had a look on Motomobil but could not find anything relevant(great site all the same, thanks for the tip), There is a A panel repair, but there doesn't appear to be holes for hinges etc. Sheffield, if you find the rear arch repairs, let me know what you want for them (Include post to N.I)
  3. I saw reproductions advertised a few years back, but typically as I go to look, none seem to be available. Cannot find anyone selling/making these panels anymore. I need both sides. Also need outer rear wheel arch repair panels, both sides also thanks
  4. Hi, can anyone suggest where I can get a replacement petrol tank for my '77 mk4. The original has 2 rust holes and the neck is starting to separate from the main body. I am in NI but will pay the extra postage. thanks
  5. I'll have that console if you are sure its not the same as the one i have. I think you know the one I'm on about, mine is very basic like an upturned lid, if yours is more substantial and possibly incorporates the gear stick? then I'll have it. Send me your postal address and and how you would prefer to be paid. Thanks Damian
  6. Thanks for the info, I'll give them a shout. I last saw the kit on ebay but it's been a while since one has come up, the other carb seems better catered for. As for the car, it's taken the guts of two years working on it at weekends and saving the pennies but the oul bus is starting to look the part. Hope to get to two shows up here in donegal this summer. Can't seem to attach a photo any pointers
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a center console for my mk 4 'tina. The GL one is a bit sparse looking and a hole has been cut in mine (for a tape deck). I think a mk 5 one would fit. but i'm not sure if they are many different types. I would prefer black and as I live in nortern Ireland would need it posted. Also need some bits for the motorcraft 1V carburettor. The accelarator pump diagphram is leaking. I saw some overhaul kits a while back which included this part. Any body know where I can get them? Thanks, Damian.
  8. Depends on the price whether I go for a new one or a good second hand one. The chrome on my own one has started to rust through. All might be academic as I might not be able to arrange pickup.
  9. Do you have a decent MK4 front bumper and what would it cost including postage to Northern Ireland.
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