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  1. have you got your parents permission to be on the net. I checked your profile and you are a hiding one. Which means you are a coward that hides behind no info you can give of yourself. Only others that do that type of thing are Pheodophiles.
  2. hahaha he is picking it all up tomorrow so I will video that and post it so that a little prick like you will have egg on yer face. Oh I love fannies like you making a dick of yerself. The green stuff will flow from you hahahaha. Brilliant.
  3. I also meant to say that all the carpet is in mint condition and not a mark or stain on any of the seats. Never ever had bother with the points as some cortina's do but I have also 4 spare ones brand new in box. My mate also has a full range of spares as he gave up building kit car with a minted engine same as mine with chasis, springs, all in mint condition for the buyer to get if needs be.
  4. well what can I say the car is sold at asking price. I had a nice fellow who actually asked for information ie photos and video. I have made a list of the spares that went with it. Back and front windows with the rubbers, 3 side windows, 1 front wing brand new, All body mouldings, front valance as new which cannot be found anywhere, 1 original new clutch cable, 1 wing mirror in housing, Dashboard dials, box of bits including bumper lights, window handles, door handles, 2 spare carburators. Centre wheel nut caps. I am glad someone got a real bargain here.
  5. You went to the bother to say this and I appreciate that. Looks like it will go back to storage but in better conditions this time. I was just hoping it would be nice to see an enthusiast take it on but I think now with some of the replies I have made a mistake. I have had fun watching the replies to my bait. It's not the price, as I think it is worth more and I can live with that. I am sure any guy here would think the same of something I have treasured for the last 18 years.
  6. I am just not too well good at selling cars as I have never done so but thanks for the advice.
  7. I don't think you missed anything. Thank you for at least a decent reply.
  8. As i had said all I got in replies was chancers not even asking for a photo. I see it's the same folk here replying. A couple replies trying to be nice. I had no intention of crushing the car but the bait brought out the dickheads today. Out of 112 views so far 10 dickheads. That's not too bad I suppose. Yeeehaaaa I have enjoyed that. The ones who sent the crushed car photo's wee bit of sick I would say.
  9. I have a really good Cortina Carousel I have tried to sell at a fantastic price. Unfortunately no one from this site has made any contact. I also tried ebay with no luck except chancers calling. I cannot keep it any longer and will not give it away so I am going to film it getting crushed and post it here and on U tube. I am not desperate for the money I asked for the car but would rather destroy it than give it away to miserable folk.
  10. Hi, I have a Cortina carousel for sale that is in great condition. I am only the second owner and it has 67,400 on the clock. There are spares to go along with it. Body work and all in good condition. Stainless steel exhaust no need to replace. Converted to unleaded with new cylinder head set. Only thing ever mentioned in an MOT was slight movement in steering rack. Now all rods and rubbers as well as new steering rack installed. A really good Cortina and a rare one as there are not many carousels around. Looking for £3000 for it and that is a bargain. Call me but don't waste time unless you are really interested as I have had a few asking stupid questions. 07906762985 ask for Tam. I have video and pictures if you want to leave an email address I can send them. Its a Mrk 5 not 4 as in the description.
  11. Up for sale is my Cortina Carousel 1981 Model Graphite Grey/Strato Silver two tone Saloon. 69,000 on the clock. this car is in excellent condition and goes with a few spares, including back and front windscreens, front right Wing new, one rear nearside lights unit, Clutch cable, couple of windows. All the mouldings for doors and wings. Dashboard. Other little bits ie handles and bumper lights. The car has custom made stainless steel exhaust never needs replaced. Just parts I have acquired over the years. I spent £3000 last year for new paint job and body work to restore as I had the car in a garage for 10 years. New cylinder head set just installed. This is a cracking car and I am only selling to make a move to Greece. If I can get the money I spent on it ie £3000 then good but I am looking for offers from a good Cortina lover. I can send pictures to anyone interested. Tam.Email me
  12. Anyone interested in a 1981 ford Cortina carousel in minted condition body and interior. ^65 thou on the clock two tone colour grey and silver limited edition. Very rare car. Pictures can be supplied to any queries.
  13. I'm in E/K aswell (westwood) i got 1981 cortina wannae have a look then call 238957. Tam
  14. i dont know if this is the proper way to try sell my cortina on this site but if anyone sees this then could they let me know how i go about it. I would rather see my car going to someone with a keen interest in cortina's. i would like to see what price i would be offered for an 1981 model in mint condition and only 49,000 miles on the clock. thank you. :D
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