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  1. Just been through this myself, East Kent told me their rubber fits both sizes, didn't buy off them because of that answer, I'd already bought a rear rubber from Escort-tec on Ebay & it fitted well, so spoke to him about the front, He said he's never had one returned but if it didn't fit, he refund me, Had to stretch the rubber onto the screen after soaking in warm soapy water for 30mins, I've never needed to use string & can usually get a screen in in 20 mins, This one was tight, took 2 hours, start at the bottom lip as the dash gets in the way, then the sides, then the top. I used string on this one, I've spoke to him since & passed on my comments & as he has them made, he's going to talk to the people who make them for him
  2. Been a while since updated this, Found more of the common tinworm lurking in the joint between roof pillar & rear quarter, also been munching on the window frame When I first built this, I knew it had had new arches, I had to replace the lower rear of the arch & join the inner to the outer, Its also had new sills, Had to weld in a new outrigger, & noticed the inner by the jacking point had been munched on, The rear 15" of outer sill was blistered so off came the paint to find 5 mm of filler blending the arch in, so off it all came, made it easy to repair the inner sill, hate welding upsidedown Repaired the inner sill today, just got to fabricate new section of sill & flat piece above it, still got the section of arch that was left over from before When I first built the car, I made a front spoiler for it, this got caught on a kerb so was removed, I fancied the Mk1 Capri RS one but the replicas seemed too flimsy so I looked elsewhere & came up with a Mk1 golf, Had to widen it a bit but its very sturdy
  3. I've let the new section of inner wing in, had to repair the section of wing rail on the new bit of inner wing, I screwed the outer wing on to get alignment & welded the headlamp plate in, have now welded the wing on apart from the section of the door post, got to take the door off to do that, Before I weld the valance on, The car has had a cold air feed to the carb fitted, I'm altering this, I'm fitting panels to the side of the rad which will create an airbox to house a K&N cone filter which will feed through a polished ally pipe to the carb, The panels will be screwed in for servicing, The headlamps are halogen so are wired through relays, these relays will also live in the boxes so they're protected from the weather
  4. Hi Kev. I've had the same in the past, As said, shaft cant go anywhere when fitted between pump & dizzy, Just got to remember theres no clip for the future if you pull dizzy out again, be ready to catch the shaft before it falls back in the hole
  5. Chopped the damaged panels off & trimmed the repair sections to fit, Tomorrow I will mostly be welding http://rs244.pbsrc.com/albums/gg17/3litrepete/Mk2%20V6/DSCN0012_zpssbppgfzb.jpg~c100
  6. Its already got a DI & 5speed courtesy of Maltese public transport, Its going to become a Dayvan/camper, Always liked the 70's custom vans so a few few custom touches too
  7. After Kev sold it after a couple of years, it was crashed into some railings, 3/4's of the outer wing & a section of inner wing were removed, then it was sold on & was going to be a mechanical donor, A chance phone call led me to go & look at it & I couldn't leave it there, Included were front panels to repair it, So its home to stay, I also have another project on the go so it wont be done straightaway, but it will be done
  8. Its back Its had a hard life
  9. The highest bidder was so close to the reserve but hasn't answered me, the runner up bidded the same amount, Now its back on, he has contacted me
  10. Thanks, I'll try to get along, have to be in my daily though,
  11. Hi Rod, Good to hear from you again, I spoke to you at Battlesbridge about it when I'd had it a year, I used to go to the meets at the Halfway house, Thanks for filling in some of its history, Unfortunately I just don't get the time to work on it now, I want to put my Blue 2 door saloon back on the road next year, I've got the 3.0S Capri back on the road, I'd like to see it finished as its very special, It deserves someone to finish it & enjoy what is a unique car
  12. Now on E-bay, item number: 141815023156
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