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  1. The likelyhood of you dyeing a carpet successfully are probably close to 0%. The years of wear & tear on the fibres will mean that they will probably have a different uptake of colour depending on the fibres aged properties. To dye a whole carpet, you'll need a huge vessel that can be heated, and be agitated in some way to achieve a even application of colour. The cost of the dye would be outrageous for the amount of fabric you want to dye, e.g. a good black requires about 4% colour, so for 10kg of fabric you'd need 400g of dye, just overdyeing a tan carpet with another tan dyestuff, might require 50g per 10kg but then you won't cover any problems anyway. Probably easier & cheaper to just buy a new carpet.
  2. Neil.

    New Members

    We are getting a lot of dodgy new members trying to join at the moment, I'm blocking them all, but just keep an eye out if any slip through & please use the Report Post button if you see anything amiss
  3. I'm guessing you probably searched it in your browser, clicked on the options at the top right & click "add to home screen" I don't have any Apple products, but this is how I'd do it on Android.
  4. nice to see you back, all good things take time! You don't want to do a rush job do you?
  5. Twiggs Matlock sell stainless but larger sheets unfortunately https://www.twiggs.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Steel-Buyers-Guide-website-copy.pdf
  6. Showing your age now Craig!
  7. could always superglue something to the top of it & then try & pull it out
  8. I'd start with new distributor cap, leads. points & condenser & then plugs
  9. Must admit I searched for cortina mk1 glovebox, didn't realise the result was Elan S1 Glovebox - not sure whether they are the same?
  10. like this? https://kelvedonlotus.co.uk/product/s1-glove-box/
  11. More stressful than anything, at least I managed to recover it all. Certainly enjoyed a couple of beers after that.
  12. Not as odd as finding the whole database gone missing today, got back from work at 2pm to find an error showing on the website & no sign of the database on the server, over 20 years of info gone completely missing. 7 hours later, I've just this minute managed to get it back up and running!! Panic over!
  13. No, but found the post, was set as hidden? Not sure why?
  14. Never found their paint to be anything special to be honest, been to their site at Prudhoe many times in the past as the company I worked for used to provide the Colour match software & spectrophotometers to measure the colour, POR15 is my choice. Underseal is extremely messy, I'd POR15, stonechip then paint on top, it's a much nicer finish.
  15. All your activity should be here - https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/profile/371-mk5cortinaestate/content/ If you created the topic, then you are the owner, there should be only you and admin that can delete it, if Admin deletes it, it goes to a recycle bin just in case we need to bring it back, and there's nothing in there? I've not deleted anything in ages to be honest. What was the topic called?
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