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  1. If you want your account deleting it's wise to ask one of the admin team directly via PM as we don't read every post.
  2. Unfortunately we don't get a lot of choice in regards to upgrading the forum, if you leave it as an older version you risk being hacked as any security holes may become widely publicised on the dark web. I don't like doing it either as the database is very large and it takes a few of days planning & testing to do. This version of the forum is probably the most configurable for both user & admin, and also works on mobile phones, which until this version it didn't very well. Most of our traffic is via mobile these days. It was my fault the search wasn't working well, as I wasn't aware of the option to disallow certain member groups being searched. It is now turned on so much easier to find a member. If you ever come across anything you think should work and doesn't, then please let me know & I'll look into it. Sorry for any inconvenience. Neil
  3. It should now be showing just the old ones
  4. When you post you'll see a paperclip in the text window, & an option to choose files, select the file & upload & then drag the picture to wherever you want to see it in your post.
  5. presume these are the £50 ones http://www.retro-ford.co.uk/shop/content/lotus-cortina-steel-wheels-replica-silver-55j-x-13-wr55s
  6. Neil.

    Vin decoader

    yes, click on where it says Vin Decoder in the navigation bar, then click Mk4 Vin https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/vin-decoder/mk4vin/
  7. in Unread content you can also filter whatever you want using If you change the search criteria, you are then given the option of whether you want to save it so you can use it again by clicking Activity & selecting the search you saved
  8. I've altered the menu at the top so you have the option of unread content/all content showing newest first This is by far the most configurable version of the forum up to date. if anyone is not sure how to use it, then create a new topic in forum help, someone will usually have an answer, if not I'll try to help
  9. Neil.

    new to this

    If you want to message someone, just hover the mouse over their name, a profile screen will appear, then click on message
  10. surely it's worth getting a stainless steel one if you can afford it
  11. Are these any good? https://www.ah-racing.co.uk/webshop/cortina-mk1-and-lotus/body-panels/cortina-floor-pan/
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