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  1. Rich, coming together nicely, getting it to be YOUR car, Its a credit to you mate, Just need to get it to run 12s now, I still wish I still had my old V8, ;) but as you know I havent totally lost the plot, Ian :D My new project, http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/152938/austin-7-box-saloon
  2. V8IAN

    Wanted, P100 atlas

    Im looking for the oddball Atlas here, The P100, with the funny stud pattern, prefer in the SE, and sensible money too, free would be nice :thumbup: :thumbup: :closedeyes: :closedeyes: , just to get it out of the way for you, , Can anybody who can help EMail me @ ian.stewart24@hotmail.com A normal atlas will do but I would prefer the P100
  3. ok call you tomorrow After 3, I wont be about till then.
  4. , have you got that PAS sorted, I do have an old Idea of mine which may well work
  5. I have a BRAND NEW 4 speed sitting in my garage, never has gear oil in it,other than assembly lube, you know you can never get rid of the smell of gearbox oil. no witness marks on it where bolts have been screwed in it, still got plastic plugs in some of the holes, 4 bolt top cover, Yours for £50 collected
  6. Re PHOTOBUCKET, to get pictures up, open the box, use the bottom option, click, it will say copied, and then, right click, and paste onto the buysell page you have open, its easy,
  7. I have regrettably, today come to the decision today, due to ill health to sell my pride and joy, I have had it for 10 years now, and been running the V8 in it for all that time, the car is a very good shell, has had arches fitted a few years ago on the back, and a D/S NOS front wing and front panel fitted when I built it, this car runs 12.5s as it turns up, on street tires, no gas, and has run 1.5sec 60 fts engine is a 3,9 John Eales thickwall lined block, block studded top to bottom, rods HRC, Omega Forged Pistons, reringed and reshelled a couple of years ago, new cam, which is a TWR Group A european touring car mech cam, NASCAR chevy pushrods, KeneBelle roller rockers, vernier timing gear, heads are TVR challenge heads, with TVR inlet manifolds, Jenvy Throttle bodies and Emerald Medk ECU, Remember Steve Greens cortina, it sounds very similar, Gearbox is the highly rated Toyota Supra 5 speed, virtually unbreakable, custom made quickshift remote, with a STEEL flywheel Malliable Helix clutch assy, which makes it almost unburstable, which means your feet and as safe as they are going to get, Rear Axle, Toyota Celica Liftback LSD 3,7 gears, Moser shafts on single leaf springs, but 3 bared as well, with panhard rod too. Gaz adjustable shocks, Front Suspension, Capri front clip, adjustable spring platforns, 2.25 springs, adjustable top mounts, top adjustable shocks, adjusted from under the bonet, Wheels, Compomotive MLs, 8s and 6s 225,50,15s Toyo 888r and 195,55,15s on the front, toyos heve less than 200 miles on them and the front about 500, Brakes, Dual master cyl, [bMW] Fronts, 310mm belled discs, with Porsche Bembro callipers, green stuff pads, Moroso electric Line Loc, Rears are sierra singles and Mk3 fiesta discs, Body Overall Ermine white, 2 door, bodywork overall is very good, a couple of marks no rot that I know of its not been touched since I built it, Interior, red vinyl, recovered recaros, to match rear seats, rear cage, instruments are Lotus with the 140 speedo, and 7k tack, but I do run a STACK tach on top of the dash with shift light and line loc warning light, on the down side the drivers seat bolster has a few nics in it due so wearing a pair of trousers with a small metal clip on the back of the pocket. the car will come with EVERY single spare I own, Used but NOS N/S front wing, spare gearbox, spare LSD diff, [i think fits the axle,] lights gauges god knows what else, fiberglass bonnet, and much more, Spare engine, which is a 4.6 fitted with lighweight forged pistons, bushed rods new shells and gaskets, custom brackets to tidy up the serpentine front end, custom cast alloy 2 piece baffled sump, engine needs balancing, not done as I need the flywheel off the engine in the car, MOTd and free tax, I am looking for 8k for a very well known car, featured in Classic ford, ian 07954180622
  8. Colchester Student Lathe, Time for a clearout, My Colchester Student 24" roundhead has to go, 240volt plugs in to mains socket, comes with .... Dickson quick change tool post, spare holders, ceramic tipped tools, boring bar, tipped parting tool, various tipped facing & general tools, boxes of tips, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, face plate, fixed steady, running steady, suds pump, halogen 12v light flexi light [check out the price from RS], 2 running centers I still boxed, tailstock chucks, boxes of drills, centre drills, small indexing head that bolts onto the toolpost so the lathe can be used as a lightweight mill, loads of stuff to go with the machine, too much to list, Its not a toolroom lathe, its a few years old, as you would expect, there is some minor wear, but all slides are tight, its an ideal jobbing lathe, its got me and a few mates out of trouble a few times, it will have to be removed by purchaser, it will come into 3 major parts, for easier removal, and, as due to ill health, I am not allowed to do anything strenuous, its up the back of my garden in my workshop, and will have to be manhandled down the garden unless a long hyab can be obtained to lift it over my garage, I think it weight about 600kg I want £600 for it, with EVERYTHING I can find pertaining to the machine, other than stuff I use for engine building, Ian 07954180622, south hertfordshire, 10 mins from the M25 j20 or 10 mins from M1 J7
  9. Andy Im feeling for you fella, I may be in the position of not being able to work again due to ill health so Im in the process of selling up lots of stuff, probably the car too, moving house, and right out of the area to somewhere I can afford so i can be mortgage free wanna buy a V8mk2 cortina, yours for 8k, lol,
  10. OK Chaps I have the house up for sale at the moment,and need to clear lots of stuff in a hurry, could be a good deal for somebody,------ What I have is- 205 short engine, on standard bore, 2 x 2l engines, incomplete, not sure what is missing, but I dont think its a lot, 2 x Heads, one big valve I&E but cracked across a seat, it may weld, But!!!!, the other is Big valve I think, cant be arsed to go and check, I bought this lot so I could build a good killer pinto, and owes me a few quid, its not for splitting, but im sure you could make a killing on EBay if you wanted to. I need this shifted in a hurry, so its got to go by tomorrow night FRIDAY!!!!, I want £100 for all of it, I live just north of Watford, 10 mins from the M25/M1 junction, Ian, tel 07954180622,
  11. Hi Chaps, I having a moving house sale and need to clear some of the multitude of stuff 22years in one place has left me with, This could be a bit of a bargain, but I want this gone, Its a 88mm Holbay stroker steel crank, Not for a cosworth as its 6 bolt, But it will physically fit, Im 99% sure its on the original mains and pin sizes and dosent need regrinding, I have had it checked for straightness and came back without a problem. I think with the right big bore 2.4,is practical, and possibly a 2.5 with the right linered block I also have a NEW steel flywheel but has turned rusty over the winter, so a quick cleanups would be required, these only go as a pair and I will not split or take offers I want £300 for the pair, and need them to go quite quickly, otherwise they would be Ebayed, Ian, 07954180622
  12. Another oddity I have for sale is a NEW single rail gearbox, this is NOT a recon but a genuine NOS box, and has never been bolted onto anything as there are no witness marks on any of the bolt holes, it has factory plastic plugs fitted ans when I took the top of the box off to have a peek inside there was none of the obvious smell of Gearbox oil, which as you all know you cannot get rid of no matter how you try, it only has had assy lube splashed around it. a nice thing for a restorer, got to go so realistically priced at £100, Ian 07954180622
  13. Hi V8IAN,

    Let me know if youre still interested in the 1300 PXF engine as I have someone else now also interested.

    Cheers BV.

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