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  1. cleaning up the autobox today and noticed a clock style motif ‘12,3,6,9’ and a number 87 on the flexplate. The donor Sierra was G reg so I’m guessing that might be the year the plate was made.
  2. The car is unrestored and I want it to stay as original as possible. The only upgrades have been subtle as and when the original parts wore out such as electronic ignition or modern shocks. I think the least intrusive way to fit the new box is the method you employed of new fixing points and bridging plates. For the past three years I have wanted to refresh the whole underneath with a new steering rack, undercoat, new rubber all round and address any other unknown issues like fatigued metal. So it may make sense to do all of this underneath work including the new autobox in one big lay off. Especially during these Lockdown days I could devote two weeks holiday on it this autumn. Would you be willing to share the dimensions of your fixing point fabrication and bridging plates please?
  3. The starter motor came from the same donor vehicle so definitely fits the sandwich plate. More good news my flexplate is the same as yours 😁 The same Ford number. Quote from your good self ‘It needs to be out of either a Sierra or Granada with a Pinto Engine and of course an A4LD Auto Box. The part number to look for is 86GT 6K 375 BA. ‘
  4. Yes they are still in bell housing. Is there anything specific I should be looking for
  5. Hi Steve Sorry for the delay it took me a while to search out where I have carefully stored them last year. Here’s the ancillaries
  6. I will dig out the extras that came with it and post a pic of the other side later this morning. We should start a new thread in the engine section
  7. I already have the uprated 1.4kw starter motor In my car and assumed It would be suitable. I have no idea what to do with all the electrics! 😳 plus I guess I will have to have new fixing points and bridge plates
  8. Thanks Steve I have read your article many times before which gave the confidence to get the four speed box. Last Thursday I spoke to a chap at Romford Automatic Transmissions who told me my A4LDe wouldn’t line up. Maybe we misunderstood each other because mine definitely came out of a pinto SOHC Sierra. It does have the electrickery extras.
  9. Hi Steve do I just need to get an earlier flex plate from an earlier 83-85 Sierra?
  10. Hi Everyone I bought in error a A4LDe gearbox with all the ancillaries and propshaft to upgrade my C3 autobox. from reading the info on this site it is not suitable as the shaft does not line up correctly. it comes from a low mileage 1989 G reg Sierra saloon which I drove myself prior to it’s removal so I know it works fine. So I need to move onto someone with a twin cam pinto that can make use of it. So I thought I would put it up here first. I need £250 For it collection only from J22 of the M5 in Somerset. regards Sean
  11. Great advice guys I have a spare new regular radiator so I will fit that and get a separate oil cooler radiator. i guess I should mount it front and low away from the engine to maximise cooling. Any pics of where you have mounted yours would be a great help. thanks once again. regards Sean
  12. Does anyone have or can point me in the right direction for a new Radiator for a mk3 2.0 litre automatic please regards Sean
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