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  1. i have a series two gearbox for cortina 1600e. was rebuilt 3 yrs ago and has done very low miles. only taken out due to five speed conversion. 50 pounds. collect from portsmouth. 02392 615866.
  2. i have a mk2 cortina reproduction rear panel as new, never used. located in portsmouth hants 50 pounds. 02392 615866
  3. for sale a good mk1 cortina front bumper 25 pounds location portsmouth hants. 02392 615866
  4. jasonrallying


    good luck tony with the car, was sorry to see it go :jester: but it was better than leaving in the garage. i knew the first person to see it, would buy it, but for me there's more important things at the moment. send me some pics when you have it fininshed. speak to you soon. :ph34r:
  5. jasonrallying

    mk2 parts

    new mk2 repro rear panel 50pounds. and a series 2 gearbox excellent order 50 pounds. collect from portsmouth.
  6. sorry mark car was sold today, buyer was very happy with it. thanks anyway.
  7. hi mate the only rust in the car is drivers side wheelarch has started to rust, drivers side front wing has a ariel fitted (not by me) and has started to rust around this point, also passenger wing has very minor rust apearing arond the headlight and back leading edge. apart from this the car is totally rust free with no welded patches anywhere. the car comes with 2 new genuine wings anyway just incase you wish to change em. car is series 2 with mint interior, and is taxed and mot'ed and will drive anywhere in the country with no problems. however i do have someone looking at the car from merseyside this tuesday. regards jason.
  8. hi tony i know, i have sent one back to you. did you recieve my description what you asked for? i sent that the other day also. but never recieved a reply.
  9. forsale my gold 1600e series 2. approx 24,000 miles from new with allmost all old mot's, some history, and old tax discs. mot and taxed, needs very minor resto and comes complete with 1 new pair of front wings. 3000 no offers. car located in portsmouth tel 02392 615866 ask for jason.
  10. no problem tony, just let me know if your coming. :(
  11. jasonrallying


    hi mate i think you will find the red one belong's to escort21 he has only provided you with the link to mine. he own's the red car. i own the gold one with 25,000 miles on it. if you wish to view it's in the forsale section. regards jas. tony forgot to say mine doe's have the heated rear window. and it was at silverstone with jono the owner before me, hope this helps.
  12. thanks retro toe to be honest i think xmas has killed it. i have had some interest but some are to far away and won't come to view. and one did not want it because the interior was tan. to be honest i don't like the tan interior colour myself, but the interior was so good i overlooked the colour and still bought it. but i would of prefered black!! still the car's that good and original i still would not change it. ;)
  13. jasonrallying


    tony go and look at all the rest of em, then come and see mine. you get what you pay for. i know i viewed loads of em.
  14. iv'e decided to sell my gold 1600E cortina with aprox 25,000 miles from new and with almost all mot's and some history, this will make a top car for someone originally bought from jono and leo. this car needs a very minor resto, is taxed and mot'd and ready to drive home anywhere in the country, car comes with 2 new old stock front wing's. i believe there are pics somewhere on this site and sure someone on here will add some. car has never been welded and run's just as she should. very reluctant sale but hopeing to start a new job and will not have the time it deserves. £3000 no offers if it doe's not sale it will stay in the garage where it's been since i purchased it. car located in portsmouth home of the HMS VICTORY.
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