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    MK 2 Crayford

    Not seen this baby for a while.....I remeber first seeing this car in 1981 when it was for sale at acar dealership in Loughton (£750.00), it had belonged to a local woman I was told,at this time it had its original paintwork which was anchor blue with the 'a la mode' white lotus stripe.It was bought by a local young man who had it for years..if you want any further history on this let me know...this car was a good solid vehicle....good luck for the sale
  2. Great looking cars...any pictures of the cabriolet?...I only know of three built Lotus cabs ...not too sure there were more although did hear rumour of a made up one
  3. ....you've got some staying power are you on some type of Viagra for carbody repairers? or is life that laid back on the marshes...good luck Greg a great endeavour- just remember early Lambo's were stitch together in the same way
  4. Crayford Cabriolets ...Corsairs,cortinas,capri.....different type of roof mechanism..not as crude as the more cimmon type pram version
  5. Just aswell you did not scrap not much metal left to be of value!....but seriously Greg great bit of work look forward to seeing you on Crayford stand again....all the best
  6. just a quick reference to the cars registered with The Crayford Club;the first list was drawn up in 1985 and details held are those volunteered by their keepers; it is more of a reference list than a comprehensive one,this said however, there are many owners of these cars that have held onto them for many years and have known of the histories of some of the cars coming up for sale (some of the sellers'details of the cars history causing some amusement) There are still Crayfords out there that are not on the register as their owners have no interest in car clubs or shows and of course no one really knows the exact number produced.It was not till the 80's that Crayford conversions were being re- cognised and that there were different hood conversions and multiple trim and engine choices ....you paid your money and made your choice ....that said I would say their are still tail tail signs to re cognise a genuine one
  7. Rigsby was in the MG and they get overtaken by a Crayford Cortina
  8. I think that was a different one...was red in colour
  9. Brave man...will be good to see this one on the road again....good luck....I restored a blue mink one sometime back....great colour to go with
  10. Hi,if you come across a mk2 cortina bonnet please let me know plus any trim parts...I am probably not too far from you as in East London....cheers
  11. ....a blast from the past.....I am old enough to to remember driving all the mention cars ...dare I say it racing around the suburbs of London and Essex.The top bannana then was the 3litre Capri..it would take a lot of abuse without the need to worry about its reliability..road holding was a concern though,however,it was faster than any standard Savaged Cortina or Lotus.I always found the 3litre Cortinas good for torque but not great on acceleration and as for road holding too front heavy especially throwing it around town.The Lotus Cortinas were a good compromise of speed and agility but expensive mechanically.A few tweaked up Lotus Cortinas near me were faster than a lot of the Capris and also being in the area of Burtons, Opposite Lock and Superspeed there were also some very tweaked up pre- cross flow and cross flow Cortinas that were very quick(at the time).......another factor in all the above was the driver........right back to my slippers and pipe.
  12. ....the fun of starting all over again? If I could have told you twenty odd years ago that you would be chasing a scrapper in Scotland.....!
  13. .....if not mentioned already ..if you do use the 'Spitfire' set up you will also need to tap a hole for your Ford winder handle...a little bit work but using this set up will stop your window popping out...
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