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  1. Wanted, the plastic dash clocks surround off a Mk5.
  2. I'm after a gearstick or knob for a Sierra DOHC mt75 gearbox. Or does anyone know of another make that will fit with a lift up reverse ring.
  3. As title i need a mk3/4/5 4 speed gearbox cross member for my mk3. I can't find mine anywhere from when i took the engine out last year......
  4. Are the ignition and door locks available?
  5. Hi folks, i've lost my car keys for my Mk3 and my Mk5 tinas due to me not using them for a while and i'm after a lock set for them,, also if anyone's got any old keys they don't want that i can have so i can try to get my steering lock off and move them so i can work on them..
  6. That would be great mate, but i'm already building a 205 block to put in, but have had some of the parts stolen, So i was after either a standard runner to put in so i can move around. Or a non runner to use for parts. And i've just bought some other parts i needed so i've not got £300 to £400 spare at the moment to spend on an engine,, Plus £50 shipping cost. If i have no luck getting one in the next couple of weeks, then i'll get back to you (if you've still got it) and see if we can do a deal. Regards Jon..
  7. I need a 2.0L pinto engine either as a runner or as a donor for parts for my Mk3. I had all my spares stolen for my Mk3, including some of my Mk3's engine parts which had been removed while the Pinto block was at the engineers having the crank ground. The scumbags that stole my parts only wanted them for scrap value ( Probably £30 ), but it's going to cost me at least £500 to replace it all. I also need another 32/36 carb and inlet manifold as well as a flywheel. Cheers in advance..
  8. I'm after a 2.0 Pinto engine either as a complete unit to fit or for parts to use on my existing engine,, Cheers,, Jon.
  9. I need a set of Mk5 glass runner and scraper seals (Drop glass seals). Thats the ones on the door inside and out that press against the glass as it goes up or down, and the channel seals that go around the inside of the frame.. Cheers....
  10. I'll ave this mate. Pm sent..
  11. jonny.k

    Mk5 Front screen

    I'm still after a screen, i've been let down again..
  12. jonny.k

    Mk5 Front screen

    I'll ave it Tom, Text sent.
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