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  1. Yeah, they're the ones cheers..
  2. I'm after a pair of clear front indicators for my Mk5 Tina, if anyones got some or knows where i can get a pair please let me know as this ones mine till i die.
  3. After reading and posting on here last year about my W reg 1980 built and January 1981 registered Mk5 Cortina i waited till April 2021 to tax it (tax exempt) and get the post office send the log book off with a form notifying them it's also mot exempt, i thought it would be simple as i had no problems with my Mk3 when i did that. I tried 2 post offices and both said they couldn't do anything as it wasn't showing on their computers as Historic vehicle, even though i told them that they have to fill the log book in to change it to historic vehicle and send it off. am i doing it wrong or do i have to tax it for a month first at full rate and then send the log book off to get the taxation class altered?
  4. Why would i have to wait till April to have free tax when it's 40yrs old now? I don't understand.
  5. I know this question has probably been asked before but i can't find an answer anywhere. My Mk5 Tina is now 40yrs old with a build date of November 1980 and a registration date of Jan 6th 1981. Does that mean that i can now register it as tax and mot exempt going off the build date, or do i have to wait untill 06th Jan 2021 to do it? And if i can do it now, how do i go about it ? I'm assuming that i have to do it at a post office so they can send the V5 off, and do i need to get a V112 form( Declaration of exemption from mot) to take with me, and how will the post office know that the build date is Nov 1980 when the V5 says only the registration date.
  6. I need a n/s mk3 door lock barrel for my tina, it doesn't matter if it's without keys i just need the barrel as the end of mine has fallen off inside the door.
  7. I did the same just before the lockdown, i bought a new carb and fitted it and a new dash and clocks and now i'm refurbing another rear parcel shelf that i bought a while ago but never had the time to do.
  8. So who else is using this terrible pandemic as an excuse to self isolate in the garage working on their Tina?
  9. I bought one of the chinese copy twin choke weber carbs off Ebay and it was a sack of S--t and a waste of £90, i then went and paid £206 for a genuine weber from" Fast road car" and it was worth every penny. But a lesson learned and the best always costs more for a reason.
  10. Wanted, the plastic dash clocks surround off a Mk5.
  11. Well i fitted mine and what a waste of money. It runs like a pile of ., that's when i can get it running and keep it running. It's jetted way too rich and is choking up.
  12. Well i've bought one now to try on my mk3 while i rebuild the weber one that's on. I've got a full rebuild kit and power valve diaphragm to fit as well.
  13. All the intake has been checked, it's a new manifold gasket, and the timing is spot on. The carb is off my 2.0L mk5 and when i ran it on that it had the same fault but worse. My mk3 has now got a 1.8L pinto and had no flat spot with the twin choke Pierburg, but it had no acceleration either. Now it's got loads of acceleration but a small flat spot if you floor it, so it's definitely a fuel delivery problem, because the 1.8 would need less fuel than the 2.0 hence it has less of a flat spot.
  14. I recently got my mk3 back on the road after a 5yr hiatus and have found that even after a rebuild kit being fitted to the carb it still has a flat spot when accelerating. It was there before the kit and i hoped a kit would sort it, but it hasn't, Could it be the Power valve diaphragm needs replacing because that wasn't in the service kit, but i have noticed it's included in the full rebuild kit.
  15. I'm after a gearstick or knob for a Sierra DOHC mt75 gearbox. Or does anyone know of another make that will fit with a lift up reverse ring.
  16. Also,, if i do go down the road of fitting the i4 and mt75 box,, has anyone got a gearstick for it? Because the A Hole that removed the engine and box from the Sierra broke the knob off the stick. PS,,, You're all "Very Very Bad men",, because you've peaked my interest in doing the conversion,, And the wife is not Amused....
  17. So would that tank fit straight onto my mk3? Is it complete with sender And how much?
  18. How do you do the swirl pot in a mk3 tank? And i would have to get either a 2 pipe sender or a return pipe fitting for the tank as well.
  19. How do you get the sierra box to fit into the Tina trans tunnel? The sierra box is so deep that it hangs low.
  20. Yes the DOHC engine has the sump bowl at the rear, but to get it to clear the subframe the engine has to be set back by about 3 inches which means the bulkhead has to be cut out, and the EFI manifold sits so high that it hits the bonnet when closed.
  21. As title i need a mk3/4/5 4 speed gearbox cross member for my mk3. I can't find mine anywhere from when i took the engine out last year......
  22. How easy is it to fit a Zetec engine into a mk3, and does the sump have to be altered at all? I bought a low mileage Sierra with a 2L DOHC engine and box with the intention of fitting it in my mk3, but found the sump bowl was the wrong way round and hit the subframe and rack (And i don't know anyone that can ally weld). So i was wondering if the Zetec would be a easier option.
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