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  1. i need a few clips to hold the small piece of chrome trim on at the rear lower edge of the vinyl roof, can u still get these??? other wise its gunna be no more nailed on :headscratch:
  2. i have pair of headlamps complete with mounting plates in good order, if u want them. Free, just pay 4 postage
  3. hi, i need a bonnet cable and clip for my mk3 as my old one had an argument with my grinder......oppps
  4. EssexBoyGt

    washer jet

    any 1 got a washer jet for a mk 3 ive lost / put somewhere safe when repainting engine bay. Thanks
  5. Thanks, if you could let me know how u want inc p&p that would be great. u can email me on MH12061974@ aol.com cheers ;)
  6. hi, any one got a complete heater box assembly ? mine kinda broke into a million pieces when i removed it ( ok maybe i should not have used that 4 ft long lever bar...........and 3lb hammer but hay ho ) Thanks :D
  7. hi, i wouldnt mind rear calipers and hangers if there not seized, cheers martin
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