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  1. 165 80 13s - you will thank me when you drive it
  2. I think you will have to get one adapted , you need the gearbox end to be from a type 9 / cortina auto or 2ltr mk3/4/5 and the diff end same as the original from your axle -+ right length - someone may know the correct length . find a prop the right length ( or longer and send them the correct measurements ) and those parts and send them to a prop refurb company to build you one up .
  3. its one of my favourite letters of the year , they have the sense to send me the 2 reminders in the same envelope to save money and 5 minutes, several key clicks on the pc and zero pounds spent later both are taxed.
  4. no it doesnt matter if its MOTed or not you can still change the tax class
  5. it doesnt matter if the car was built over 40 years ago it still qualifies for free tax , its the MOT exemption you cant have if its modified
  6. yes sort yourself out Martyn we missed you
  7. only series 2 I believe 2 speed wipers were a Corsair part so a switch from one of those will work it.
  8. it could be a long time before you get to find another
  9. Unless its to build some sort of track race car I just wouldnt do it - its a lot of work for no real gain and if you make the back brakes too good you will make the car dangerous to drive IMO . If you want to stop better upgrade the front brakes , princess 4 pot calipers or capri 2.8 calipers with vented discs , back end will look after itself just make sure cylinders and shoes are good BTW do you still have the Crayford?
  10. I am looking forward to coming for a ride out in this - will it be ready this year Brian?
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