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  1. the-ford-cortina.com

    is there a new forum layout again?

    Can we please have a big " view new content " button again - it was the best way to navigate the site and it feels a lot harder work now ?
  2. the-ford-cortina.com

    Wanted 2.0 manual gearbox

    No worries thanks for replying
  3. the-ford-cortina.com

    Gerling brake servo cortina mk 5 wanted

    this one ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-CORTINA-MK5-BRAKE-SERVO-MK4-MK3-ESCORT-CAPRI/302904948898?hash=item46868ab8a2:g:-rsAAOSw8Y1bsmOd
  4. the-ford-cortina.com

    Wanted 2.0 manual gearbox

    I have one £150 plus probably £60 delivery depending on your post code
  5. the-ford-cortina.com

    Front suspension 1600e

    I have these on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132787244780
  6. the-ford-cortina.com

    Chroming Bumpers - Mk2 Cortina

    doubt it Hand more like 500 each for perfect NOS , many new old stock ones get sent for rechroming as well as after 40-50 years the chrome can still have started to pit the Harringtons stainless steel ones are better but price is up to around £600 a pair now and going up steadily as the value of the £ keeps sinking
  7. the-ford-cortina.com

    Chroming Bumpers - Mk2 Cortina

    yes £288 thats about right price I got some done in a trade deal a while ago and they cost £185 each to get done plus dont forget you have to have good bumpers to start with as any imperfections may still show through
  8. the-ford-cortina.com

    Headlining Rod Nylon fixings

    I will try and find you some
  9. the-ford-cortina.com

    Headlining Rod Nylon fixings

    how many are you short ?
  10. the-ford-cortina.com

    1965 MK1 1500 magic wand gearbox tailshaft seal wanted

    these will be available from both the MK1 and MK2 owners clubs I would think.
  11. the-ford-cortina.com

    Mk5 cortina floor pans

    HOWEVER check compatability carefully Motomobil sell Taunus parts , some fit Cortinas perfectly some are different Whilst we are on panels anyone have a boot floor? good used one would be ok
  12. the-ford-cortina.com

    banded anglia steels 6 3/4" wide

    I still have lots of Anglia rims if anyone needs any.
  13. he has lost his password and needs contact to get it back
  14. the-ford-cortina.com

    Buy lhd ford cortina mk2

    Portugal is probably your best bet but even there prices are rising
  15. the-ford-cortina.com

    MK3 GXL Roof Badges

    the gold ones turn silver after a few months in sunlight