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  1. Yeah, mk3 Granada is the one I nearly bought in error. The one I have now has a big dip in it, spacer takes up some of the dip but it's not an ideal solution.
  2. Your crossmember certainly looks like a Cortina auto one. Fords continuous development policy at the time probably means there are a dozen versions of the same part! I'd already messaged this seller to see if he'd sell the crossmember but he won't so I've made an offer for the whole thing, I fancy a road trip anyway, been stuck in Newcastle way too long. The crossmember I have appears to be a sierra one with enlarged holes and an aluminium spacer. The propshaft line was never quite right when I was running the type 9 and is even more pronounced with the C3 fitted. Hoping I can have this sorted by next week as it's holding up work. Regards Peter
  3. Appreciate you checking, i'll keep searching. Cheers
  4. Don't you just love Ebay, turns out this 'Cortina' crossmember is Mk3 Granada. Craig, if you could have a look and see if you have a Cortina Auto one i'd appreciate it. Regards Peter
  5. Call off the search, one popped up on ebay and I couldn't not jump on it (I realise how scarce they are). have attached a photo of the ebay one, let me know if it looks wrong. Thanks for responding.
  6. If it's any help, Granada Mk2 fits also, that's what I fitted to my Mk5.
  7. As per title, have fitted my automatic (C3) box using the crossmember that was fitted when I had the type 9 manual in (not Cortina, maybe Capri). Is sitting too low and the engine is tilted back a bit. Could do with a proper Cortina crossmember before I go down the route of making a spacer.. Cheers
  8. As Beowulf says, it's the top one i'm looking for. I'll keep an eye on ebay or i'll use a stand off bolt if all else fails. Cheers
  9. As per title,anyone got one for sale? Ford dealer couldn't/wouldn't help and Burton no longer carry stock. Cheers Peter
  10. Yes, that's the one. Photograph attached Cheers
  11. I need a Hazard Warning Light Switch for a late MkV (the one with the red rocker, NOT the same as Mk2 Escort). Hoping someone can help. Regards Peter
  12. If anyone's breaking a Mk 3, 4 or 5 automatic, I need the section of the transmission tunnel with the raised lever mount on (Granada Mk2 pictured below, Cortina the same). Hoping someone can assist. Thanks Peter
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